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Community Based Research Consult Service

Some History About the Community Research Partnership Core

Case Western Reserve University, in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and MetroHealth Medical Center formed the Clinical & Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC) in September 2007 (http://casemed.case.edu/ctsc/). The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded the partners $64 million to become part of a national consortium designed to transform how clinical and translational research is conducted, ultimately enabling researchers to provide new treatments more efficiently and quickly to patients. In addition to research, the CTSC partner institutions play a pivotal role in improving the quality of life throughout the Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio region by providing medical care, volunteer services and a variety of community programs.

The Community Research Partnership Core includes a number of innovative activities aimed at developing and enhancing relationships between Cleveland community residents and organizations with area researchers interested in community research. Part of the vision of this core is to help empower community residents in research activities. Community residents and organizations are viewed as researchers as well and are provided with opportunities to develop new projects and ideas. The goal is to engage the community in research projects from their inception, and to educate researchers, residents, and organizations about the benefits of community engagement.

This consult service was born out of the mission to facilitate and enhance research opportunities through collaborations between research investigators and community residents and organizations. The consult service is designed to help individuals and organizations that are interested in developing projects and programs that have a research component and require community engagement. From the inception of an idea to the dissemination of results, this service is designed to help mentor and support anyone or any entity interested in community research.

The service is divided into two tracts, one being a tract for researchers, the other for organizations. The options for each tract are described below. Click on one to get started. (Note: Some links are currently being edited and may not be active.)


Community Organizations/Advocacy Groups


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