Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in connecting with the community to do research. What are the first steps?


Can you help with the IRB submission and approval process?


Do you have any experience with community based participatory research or CBPR?




Very often recruitment for a research study is the most difficult task. The Research Consult Service has an established network of community organizations and researchers to help you reach your target enrollment. We are plugged in to the major healthcare providers in Northeast Ohio as well as Cleveland's major universities. Contact Us for help with your recruitment questions.


Current Recruitment Efforts

The Center for Reducing Health Disparities is looking for researchers, community residents, and community organizations to participate in the Community Research Connections Resource project. Eighty Community residents are needed to participate as Community Research Advisors.

Community Research Advisors will provide contact information to the project coordinators. The information is put onto a list of people eligible to be recruited for the development or refinement of research projects. Activities include focus groups, survey development or editing, and other like activities. Researchers and community organizations are needed to help develop new ideas for projects, evaluation needs, needs assessments, and other projects. For more information, please contact Michele Abraham at 216-778-3858 or



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