Chrissy Petzold (Undergraduate)

Tenure 2007-2010

Current position: Graduate Student in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Case Western Reserve University, B.A with Honors, Biochemistry, May 2010

Honors and Awards

Dean’s High Honors: 2006-2007, Spring ’08, Spring ‘09

Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society Spring 2008- Present

CWRU Women’s Varsity Swimming Team Member 2006- Present, Co-Captain 2008-2009


Hu, W., Petzold, C., Coller, J., and Baker, K.E. (2010). Nonsense-mediated mRNA decapping occurs on polyribosomes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 17:244-247


I am currently an undergraduate student at CWRU majoring in biochemistry. Starting in high school I knew I wanted to be involved in scientific research, and once I got to CWRU freshman year I jumped right into research on the blood-brain barrier at the Cleveland Clinic. Jeff is my undergraduate advisor and knowing I really wanted to continue doing research during the summer after my sophomore year he offered me a position in his lab. Since then I’ve been hooked on RNA research, my main project being the co-translational association of ribosomes with NMD substrates. My plan is to continue on the research track after I graduate and pursue a doctorate degree in biochemistry. As far as my future research interests go, I find all that is still to be discovered about RNA very exciting, especially large non-protein coding RNA, but I am also keeping my mind open to other areas of gene regulation.

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