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Johnathan Sheele MD, MPH, MHS

Johnathan Sheele

Associate Fellowship
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University Hospitals
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Assistant Professor,
Case Western
Reserve University

UH/CMC offers magnificent research opportunities! The faculty and resources of a major medical school, the Wolstein Research Building, the UH Office of Grants and Research Compliance, 3 on-site IRBs and many more resources are available to the researcher who is interested in sponsored studies, interdepartmental collaboration and more. For a comprehensive list of faculty and resident research, please read below.

Departmental efforts have focused on HIV testing and stroke identification to date. Asthma, suicide, and physician well-being are areas of faculty research interest. Emergency Medicine Residents have regular research seminars in all three years, culminating in a publishable project. Extensive resources for research are available including University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University, as well as the Global Health Center to name a few. Collaboration with each other and with the Emergency Medicine Research Division's (EMRD) Research Assistants and Associates is encouraged. Emergency Medicine Residents will have yearly opportunities to present their ongoing efforts at one or another of the local research showcases.

All residents have access to the EMRD, a group of undergraduate and graduate student researchers who assist the emergency medicine residents in data collection, statistical analysis and manuscript preparation. By the time of graduation, all residents are expected to have a publication worthy of a peer-reviewed journal and will have presented at a local, regional or national meeting. The Emergency Medicine Research Division (EMRD) meetings occur weekly on Thursday evenings and all prospective residents and interviewees are invited to attend. Please contact Dr. Totten for more information on time and location.

Emergency Medicine Research Division (EMRD)

To contact Dr. Sheele email him at:

UHCMC Department of EM Research Updates

Resident Research & Publications

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