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As a third year resident, you are given more and more autonomy as your clinical skills, procedural skills, and comfort level in the Emergency Department progresses. You always have the guidance and support of the attending staff as back up, but by the end of your third year, you will be functioning as an independent emergency medicine physician. And of course, when you're not searching for employment opportunities, you can join the other two classes at the monthly "Switch and Swallow*."

You can also learn more about us through our new social website, ResidentBook.

* The "Switch and Swallow" is a dinner party that generally occurs at the 'switch' of rotations and is an opportunity to 'swallow' delicious food and libations.

Dmitry Klyuy, MD Annie Tang, MD Lauren Hutton, MD Barry Brenner, MD, PhD Joy Norris, MD Katrina Gipson, MD Jaren Aksut, MD Casey Chiu, MD Shuo Cui, MD Sorapat (Pat) Vijitakula, MD Robert
Robert (Bobby) Hughes, DO
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Undergraduate School: University at Buffalo, BS in Biology, Minor in Philosophy
Graduate School: University at Buffalo, MS in Neuroscience
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

My wife, newborn daughter and puppy are my favorite things in the world... while I'm the only guy in the house, I think I hold my own. I love good food, good friends and anything with my family. I'm not a big fan of winter (which makes life in the Northeast interesting), but it makes summer that much more enjoyable. I LOVE to kayak, swim, hike, run, anything outdoors.

Fun Facts:
  • I move an hour west on I-90 with every step of my education
  • I spent two weeks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina rebuilding houses when I was in college
  • I think my best preparation for a career in emergency medicine was being a waiter
  • I asked my wife out every night for a month until she finally said yes (I'm persistent)
  • My favorite food is anything. I actually wrote on ERAS under hobbies that I like to eat.
  • I'm half Sicilian, half Scottish... my beard is red from my ears down
  • I'm obsessed with cars
  • I am an Eagle Scout
Sorapat (Pat) Vijitakula, MD
Hometown: Citrus Heights, CA
Undergraduate: University California, Davis
Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Graduate School: University of Michigan School of Public Health, Masters of Public Health-International Health Epidemiology
Interests: International Emergency Medicine

Basketball, tennis, soccer, football, swing dancing, music and traveling

Fun Facts:
  • I have gone by "Pat" since the first grade.
  • I have attended swing dance camps.
  • I like to play sports and am a fan of the Sacramento Kings, San Francisco 49ers, Michigan football, and UC Davis athletics.
  • I am fluent in Thai and have basic knowledge of Spanish (meaning: I can ask people where the bathroom is)
  • I have worked in Egypt, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and did a medical trip in the Himalayas.
  • I am an only child and only grandson from my Dad's side of the family.
Shuo Cui, MD
Hometown: Hefei, China
Undergraduate School: Tulane University
Medical School: LSU New Orleans


Tennis, table tennis, hiking, photography, history, philosophy, traveling

Fun Facts:

Having lived on three continents, I'd like to say that I can speak three languages well. However, the truth is more like 1.5.
Casey Chiu, MD
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Undergraduate School: Columbia University
Medical School: Pennsylvania State University


Long walks on the beach, GTL, and interpreting the id, ego and superego of Master Chief John-117

Fun Facts:

I really don't understand how In-N-Out has such cheap tasty burgers. Seriously, you could have two In-N-Out animal style burgers for one Five Guys burger. Or four In-N-Out burgers for one of Cleveland's own B Spot burger, which personally, doesn't taste that much better. Pro tip: at In-N-Out, get two hamburgers instead of 1 2x2. it's a much better deal. You get twice the lettuce, twice the tomatoes, twice the animal sauce, and one extra bun. TL;DR: I am a burger expert.
Jaren Aksut, MD
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Undergraduate School: Birmingham Southern College
Medical School: Drexel University School of Medicine


International Medicine, exciting travel, basketball, Alabama football, being outside and playing with my two Anatolian shepherds: Pash and Talya.

Fun Facts:

Been to over 30 countries, lived in 10 cities and there really is no place like home.
Katrina Gipson, MD
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Undergraduate School: Yale University, Biomedical Engineering
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Graduate School: University of Michigan, Master of Public Health
Prior Residency: Preliminary Internal Medicine, University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Distance running, blogging, traveling, and music

Fun Facts:
  • I'm a certified mixologist.
  • I once got on the wrong plane while traveling abroad and ended up in another country.
  • I plan to run a marathon before residency is over.
  • I went skydiving in South Africa and can't wait to do it again!
Joy Norris, MD
Hometown: West Monroe, Louisiana
Undergraduate School: Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge
Medical School: LSU- Health, Shreveport


Hospital Medicine, EMS, Wilderness Medicine, Narrative Medicine, Medical Informatics & Ethics. Case Western Reserve Cycling Team, Mountain Biking! new to Cyclocross racing here in Ohio, and am interested in getting a fat (snow) bike here. visual art, movies, music, books.

Fun Facts:

My home town is the location of the reality show, Duck Dynasty, and my high school was involved in a 2000 federal ruling regarding our daily use of prayer over the school's loudspeaker.

I like to bake things and then elaborately decorate them with beautiful shimmery sparkly frostings and adornments.
Barry Brenner, MD PhD
Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency Program, University Hospitals Case Medical Center Professor of Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, CWRU

Residency: Emergency Medicine (University of Chicago) and Internal Medicine (University Hospitals Case Medical Center)

I'd like to introduce you to the third-year class of the University Hospitals/Case Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency Program. These guys have truly been the trail-blazers of the program and their input has been instrumental in growing our Program. Being a 'new' program means you as a resident can have an impact, and each resident you see here is outstanding in very unique ways which brings a great feeling of diversity but overall cohesiveness to our program. Their accomplishments always make us proud.
Lauren Hutton, MD
Hometown: Valparaiso, Indiana
Undergraduate School: Purdue University
Graduate School: IUPUI
Medical School: Indiana University

Running, yoga, basketball, volleyball, reading, traveling, musicals, movies.

Fun Facts:
  • Orville redenbacher is from my hometown.
  • I was slimed on Nickolodeon at Walt Disney world.
  • I dislike chocolate and coffee.
  • I love Chicago sports teams!
  • I ran the Chicago marathon twice.
Annie Tang, MD
Hometown: Louisville, KY Undergraduate School: Emory University (Atlanta, GA)
Medical School: University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)
Prior Residency/Fellowship: Transitional Year at Methodist Hospital (Houston, TX); Neurology 1 year at Methodist Hospital (Houston, TX)


I love to travel, espeically to places with beautiful beaches. My last 3 big trips were all somewhere in the Caribbean. I also love to eat out, so I'm always up for trying out new restaurants. My other random interest includes dancing, singing, playing the piano, hot yoga, taking pictures (especially of food, I am Asian after all!)

Fun Facts:
  • I'm obsessed about vampires, love reading vampire novels.
  • My favorite tv shows include True blood and Vampire Diaries.
Dmitry Klyuy, MD
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate: Cornell
Medical School: SUNY Downstate
Professional Interests: International Medicine, medical education, hospital administration


Anything outdoors running, cycling, hiking currently trying to get into cross-country skiing in my frigid and snowy adopted city. I'm also a fan of people photography, and you'll likely see me with a camera at our events and parties, snapping away!

Fun Facts:

I love to travel and meet new people, seek out different cultures and experiences. In my younger and crazier days, I biked across the country, but have since progressed to more civilized forms of travel, like hitchhiking. While living on a farm in college, I became inspired by a member of our drum circle who was a teacher so I went ahead and did that for a couple of years before seeing the true light and turning to medicine.

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