J. Personal Care for Lay People


1  Online Health Services (Helping People Help Themselves)

by Khaldoun Almhanna, MD

2  Websites

by Indrani Sivagnaniar

3  Doctor Shopping

By Jonah Stulberg




by Shereen Beruti, Christina Ferrazzano, Seema Kella, Megan Louttit, and Deanna Shuster



Environmental Health


-Prof. Dorr Dearborn

1  Vector-Borne Water Related Diseases

By Andreea Seicean

2  Water, Sanitation, and the Urban Poor of India

By David Beversluis

3  Noise and Child Cognition

By David Mark

4  Particulate Matter and Coronary Artery Disease

By Marwan Nasif

5  Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

By Kayleigh Sopko

6  Toxins in Lake Erie

By Adefunke Adedipe

7  Drinking Water

By Rabia Ahmed

8  Non-Occupational Asbestos Exposure

By Bianca Goodman

9  Environmental Racism

By Amir Raed

10  Noise Pollution in the NICU

By Stephanie Olbrych

11  Single Use Plastic Products

By Tarique Zaman

12  Fighting a Chemical War

By Vinothini Sundaram

13  Proposed DDT Use in Uganda

By Jackson Musuuza

14  Melamine Contamination of Infant Formula

By L. Dina Nshisso

15  Waste Management in Accra

By Ian A. Thompson

16  Hybrid Car Batteries

By Evan Yates

16  Radon

By Shishira Bharadwaj




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