Public Health Management & Policy

by the MPH students at Case Western Reserve University

Foreword and Introduction



A. Public Health Management

1\xA0\xA0 Clinical Decision Support Systems

by Fahhad Farukhi

2\xA0\xA0 Continuous Quality Improvement

by Leo Bennett, MD and Lee Slavin, MD, MPH

3\xA0\xA0 Health-Risk Communication

by Alicia Sokol

4\xA0\xA0 Community Needs Assessment

by Travis R. Neely

5\xA0\xA0 Leadership: An Introduction to Fundamental Concepts and\xA0\xA0\xA0\xA0\xA0 Styles

by Anne Breen

6\xA0\xA0 Medical Informatics

by Laxmi Chekuri, Fredrick Schumacher

7\xA0\xA0 Organizational Theory

by Kathryn Barzilai, RN

8\xA0\xA0 Organizing a Community Health Advocacy Coalition

by Seena Perumal and Stacie Pallotta

9\xA0\xA0 Personal Accountability

by Meghan S. McGowan, BSN

10 Public Health Communications

by Leon Hudson, Jr and Tom Cook

11 Public Health Management in Other than Regular Settings

by Jennifer Chandler

12 Risk Management in Medicine

by John J. Vargo, MD

13 Stakeholder Analysis

by Mary Ruhe

14 Strategic Planning

by Audrey E. Kinsella

15 Reduction in Medication Errors in Hospitals

by Rajeev Patel

16 Hospital-Acquired Infections

by Erin Broaddus & Rao Fu



B. Public Health Conditions


1\xA0 Current Trends in Health Care Costs

by Georgia Zachopoulos

2\xA0 The Economic Context of Healthcare

by Eva Hirwe

3\xA0 Nursing Shortage

by Joshua Muliira

4\xA0 Rational Drug Use

by Paul Kutyabami

5\xA0 Antiretroviral Therapy

by Michelle Osborn

6\xA0 Reportable Diseases

by Elizabeth Steubing

7\xA0 Environmental Health

by Jenny Panzo

8\xA0 Vaccinations

by Shoshana Weiner

9\xA0 Health and Human Rights

by Georgina Bukenya

10\xA0 Parental Decision Making - Vaccines

by Janelle Highland



C. Insurance


1\xA0 The Evolution of Medicare & Medicaid Services

by Steven J. Lonchyna

2\xA0 Insurance Modalities: Managed Care, Medicare and Medicaid

by Sahar Dar, John Brillian and Anita Arora

3\xA0 National Health Care: Exploring the Options and Possibilities

by Peter Lawson

4\xA0 Private Health Insurance

by Cherie Phillips

5\xA0 The Uninsured and Underinsured

by Lloyd Runser, Sabrina Eagan and Danielle Olds

6\xA0 Medicare Drug Law

by Tom Conlon

7\xA0 Health Savings Accounts

by Joseph Sweigart

8\xA0 Oregon Health Plan

by Stephen Hrinda

9\xA0 User Fees

by Ilya Litvak



D. Providers of Care


1\xA0 Healthcare Professionals

by Aisha Syed

2\xA0 Public Health Department Missions

by Emile I. Sabbagh

3\xA0 Sources of Healthcare (Traditional & Alternative)

by Anna Rosenfeld

4\xA0 Complimentary Medicine in the U.S.

by Tonya Passarelli

5a\xA0 Emergency Services

by Andrew Garlisi

5b\xA0 Emergency Medical Service

by Mitchell Stelzer

6\xA0 Nursing Homes

by Emma Nochomovitz

7\xA0 Podiatry

by John Waddell

8\xA0 Public Health Nursing

by Aimee Vance

9\xA0 Safety Net Providers

by Veronica Salvas

10\xA0 Free Clinics

By Catherine Weng

11\xA0 Community Health Workers

By Catherine Oakar

12\xA0 Physician House Calls

By Wayne Liang

13\xA0 Racial Concordance

By Jarvis Joiner

14\xA0 Cultural Competency

By Timothy McCue

15\xA0 Rural Surgery

By Kevin Blaine

16\xA0 Autopsy

By Kate Conway



E. Public Policy and Social Sciences


1\xA0 Genetic Testing, Insurance and Health Policy

by Marilyn McHugh and Tiffanee Wright

2\xA0 Geopolitical Borders

by Monica Nussbaum

3\xA0 HIPAA and EMTALA in Public Health

by Lynn Zondorak and Courtney McCormick

4\xA0 Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform

by Cecilia Loh

5\xA0 Orphan Drug Act

by Naureen Mirza

6\xA0 Pharmaceutical Industry

by Lisa Fardy and Chris McCoy

7\xA0 Public Health Management of Bioterrorism

by Prabhakar Parimi, MD

8\xA0 Public Health Policy and Privacy

by Gina Westmoreland

9\xA0 The Social Sciences and Public Health

by Dawn Miller, M.A.

10\xA0 Death With Dignity: The Patient\x92s Right to Choose

by Tzuyung Doug Kou & Laura Leone

11\xA0 Patient Privacy

by Pamela Brackett

12\xA0 Stem Cell Research

by Kassandra Auker

13\xA0 Contraception Worldwide

by Lisa Basalla

14\xA0 Harm Reduction Policies

by Elizabeth Nodine

15\xA0 Organ Transplant

by Eva Nieder

16\xA0 Cultural Anthropology

by Hillary Melchiors

17\xA0 Darwinian Medicine

by Sara Abdollahian and Ruth Magtanong

18\xA0 Healthcare Economics

by Ben Hagopian and Matt Wilson

19\xA0 Health Care Utilization: Theories and Models

by David Rebhan

20\xA0 Biosocial Communities

by Smaranda Ene



F. Public Health and Specific Diseases


1\xA0\xA0 Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Disease

by Emily Read and Swathi Thakur, MD

2\xA0\xA0 Asthma

by Destiny Nemeth

3\xA0\xA0 Autism

by Sonal Kishore

4\xA0\xA0 Dental Public Health

by Suparna Argekar, DDS and Kristin Williams, DDS

5\xA0\xA0 Diabetes: Prevention, Treatment & Maintenance

by Erin Zaletel

6\xA0\xA0 Disease Management

by Jaykumar Menon

7\xA0\xA0 Hepatitis

by Susie Sami

8\xA0\xA0 Hypertension

by Taskeen Tajuddin

9\xA0\xA0 Malaria

by David Bivins, MD

9a\xA0\xA0 Malaria Control and Prevention

by Zainab Mahmoud

10 Parity for Mental Health: History and Consequences

by Vallerie Propper and Ginger L. Pomiecko

11 Polio Eradication

by Maureen Gallagher

12 Public Health and Disaster

by Peter Odada Sumba

13 Public Health Management and Disaster Preparedness

by Kathryn Reese and Lisa Bunosky

14 Radiation Disaster

by David Bell

15 Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Disorders

by Sinziana Seicean, MD

16 Smallpox as a Bioweapon

by Fauzia Manzoor, MD

17 Stroke: A Perspective for the General Population

by Shaveta Manchanda, MD

18 Tuberculosis

by James Moratti

19 Suicide

by Joseph Galanek


by Grey

21 Chlamydia

by Jeannie Johnson-Brooks

22 Cervical Cancer

by Imelda Namagembe

22a Colorectal Cancer

by Lauren Byrne

23 Influenza

by Amy Ray

24 Cardiovascular Disease in Women

by Caryn Preston

25 Patient Empowerment

by Laura Santurri

26 Schistosomiasis

by Ilana Schmitt

27 Sickle Cell Disease

by Charles Curtis-Thomas

28\xA0\xA0 Burkitt's Lymphoma

by Michael Vander Meulen

29\xA0\xA0 Melanoma

by Elizabeth Hastings

30\xA0\xA0 Noise Pollution

by Isabelle Lane

31\xA0\xA0 Water Sanitation

by Krystel Tossone

32\xA0\xA0 Congestive Heart Failure

by Marwan Nasif

33\xA0\xA0 Peripheral Arterial Disease

by Alaa Alahmad

34\xA0\xA0 Impact of Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) Exposure On Skin Cancer

by Tej Pareek





G. Nutrition, Diet, and Substance Abuse


1\xA0 Diet, Media Representation, and Public Health Policy

by Ashley Schneider and Aabha Jain

2\xA0 Management of Hunger in the United States

by Kathleen C. Walker RN BSN, MS RD

3\xA0 Substance Abuse and Public Policy

by Andrew S. O\x92 Connor DO

4\xA0 Nicotine

by Margaret Cox

5\xA0 Steroids

by Michael Yunes

6\xA0 Marijuana

by Ana Radovic

7\xA0 Foodborne Disease

by Jessica Jensen

8\xA0 Drug Abuse

by Dena M. Fisher



H. Public Health and Special Populations


1\xA0\xA0 A Glimpse into Adolescent Healthcare

by Tara Lynn Luffy-Moore

2\xA0\xA0 Adolescent Mental Health

by Michelle Nebergall, MA

3\xA0\xA0 Adolescent Violence

by Ebony Boyd

4\xA0\xA0 Reproduction and Sexual Health in Adolescents

by Adebola Akanbi

4a\xA0\xA0 Undergrad Mental Health

by Kavi Devulapalli

5\xA0\xA0 Aging

by Samira Hussney

6\xA0\xA0 American Indian and Alaska Native Healthcare

by Andrea Arendt

6a\xA0\xA0 Healthcare of Black Women

by Melinda Martin

7\xA0\xA0 Childhood Obesity

by Jeff Turell, MD

8\xA0\xA0 Children\x92s Health and Public Policy

by Sayo Awosika-Olumo

9\xA0\xA0 Current Issues in Women\x92s Health

by Veena Goud and Kristina Knight

9a\xA0\xA0 Foster Care

by Paige Boatwright

10 Immigrant and Refugee Health

by Jen Edman, MD

11 Infant Mortality

by Amy Balbierz

12 Issues in Infant and Toddler Nutrition \x96 A Management Perspective

by Evan Howe and Beena A. Minai

13 Nursing in Public Schools in the US

by Maria Applewhite, RN

14 Population-based Medicine

by Richard M. Carpiano, M.A.

15 Promoting Wellness in the Workplace

by Nancy Slocum

16 Special Groups and Women and the Barriers they Face

by Vandana Mathur

17 Arab-Americans

by Najeh Ahmad

18 Pediatric Sexual Assault

by Mahrin Rahman

19 Asian American Culture and Health

by Yen Luong

20 Caregiving and the Elderly

by Mekeshia Bates

21 Hispanic-American Culture and Health

by Jessica Galarraga

22 Prison Healthcare

by Carla Conroy

23 Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Health and Health Disparities

by Henry Ng, MD



I. International or Global Health


1\xA0 International Health and the World Health Organization

by Amanda Perkett

2\xA0 HIV: Mother to Child Transmission

by Daphne Muzoora

2a\xA0 Children With HIV Infection

by Celia Mukulu

3\xA0 HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis

by Stefanie Woolridge

4\xA0 The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

by Hormazd N. SethnaorHH

4a\xA0 HIV Therapy

by Aggrey MukoseorHH

5\xA0 Health in Uganda

by S. Saad Mahmood

5a\xA0 Uganda's ABC Model

by Hannington Muyenje

6\xA0 Global Impact of Lead Poisoning

by Anne Gifford, Lyla J. Blake-Gumbs

7\xA0 Human Trafficking

by Sharlin M. Noble & Asma Hussain

8\xA0 Diarrheal Diseases in Global Health

by Laura Janneck

9\xA0 Landmines

by Kathleen A. Kassimatis

10 Development Assistance for Health

by Sorrel Osborne

11 International Refugee Health Policy

by Maheen Quadri

12 Global Health

by Corine Sinnette & Michael Rueschman

13 African Health Care Worker Shortage

by Jeff Collins

15 Refugee Health in SSA

by Andreea Seicean



J. Personal Care for Lay People


1\xA0 Online Health Services (Helping People Help Themselves)

by Khaldoun Almhanna, MD

2\xA0 Websites

by Indrani Sivagnaniar

3\xA0 Doctor Shopping

By Jonah Stulberg




by Shereen Beruti, Christina Ferrazzano, Seema Kella, Megan Louttit, and Deanna Shuster



Environmental Health


-Prof. Dorr Dearborn

1\xA0 Vector-Borne Water Related Diseases

By Andreea Seicean

2\xA0 Water, Sanitation, and the Urban Poor of India

By David Beversluis

3\xA0 Noise and Child Cognition

By David Mark

4\xA0 Particulate Matter and Coronary Artery Disease

By Marwan Nasif

5\xA0 Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

By Kayleigh Sopko

6\xA0 Toxins in Lake Erie

By Adefunke Adedipe

7\xA0 Drinking Water

By Rabia Ahmed

8\xA0 Non-Occupational Asbestos Exposure

By Bianca Goodman

9\xA0 Environmental Racism

By Amir Raed

10\xA0 Noise Pollution in the NICU

By Stephanie Olbrych

11\xA0 Single Use Plastic Products

By Tarique Zaman

12\xA0 Fighting a Chemical War

By Vinothini Sundaram

13\xA0 Proposed DDT Use in Uganda

By Jackson Musuuza

14\xA0 Melamine Contamination of Infant Formula

By L. Dina Nshisso

15\xA0 Waste Management in Accra

By Ian A. Thompson

16\xA0 Hybrid Car Batteries

By Evan Yates

16\xA0 Radon

By Shishira Bharadwaj




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