Galán Lab

Principal Investigator
Roberto Fernández Galán, PhD
Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Case Western Reserve University, School of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Phone: (001) 216 368 0811 (Office), (001) 216 368 0546 (Lab)
Email: rfgalan at case dot edu

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We combine theoretical, computational, and experimental methods to investigate several topics in systems biology and neuroscience.

Long-term research projects and representative publications include:

Causes of Noise in Brain Circuits and its Physiological Role
• Making sense out of noise in brain circuits. Talk Video

• Role of ion-channel noise on the respiratory pattern generator and breathing variability. [more]

• Impact of ion-channel noise on information transmission in neurons. [more]

• Efficient simulation of stochastic ion-channel gating in the neuron's membrane. [more]

Analysis and Modeling of Spontaneous Neural Activity in Brain Circuits
• Functional connectivity of local cortical circuits across timescales. [more]

• Sources of synaptic noise and their effect on the excitability of brain circuits. [more]

• Relationship between spontaneous activity and functional connectivity. [more]

Analysis and Modeling of EEG and ECG Signals
• Heart rate variability and autonomic imbalance in epilepsy. [more]

• EEG waves, sleep, and consciousness. [more]

Some other highlights of past research: [here]

Roberto's webpage at the School of Engineering.

Last update: April 2018