What to Expect?What to Expect if You Participate

The first step as a healthy volunteer clinical trial participant is a screening visit. During this visit, our research staff will answer any questions you may have and review with you an informed consent document which will explain the study, outlining the study schedule of events and what you can expect each day you participate. The staff will also perform a medical history and a comprehensive physical examination. Depending on the study, research staff may also collect a blood and/or urine sample. It may be a good idea to plan ahead and write down potential questions to ask during your screening visit.

After completing your screening visit and our research staff determines you are eligible to continue, the study proceeds as outlined in the informed consent document. The study schedule of events will vary from study to study, but it may include a combination of regular examinations, visits by specialists, blood/urine collections, experimental medications, and/or observation.


All trials associated with the IDCTU are conducted at the Dahms Clinical Research Unit at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio.  Dahms Clinical Research Unit is located on the 7th floor of Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. This facility has nine private rooms for overnight stay, each with its own restroom and television. You are welcome to bring personal electronics, laptops, books, games, etc. to enjoy during your stay.  Wireless internet is available, and as a clinical trial participant you are welcome to have guests come and go as you wish. You can request food any time, and it will be delivered to your room (some studies have specific dietary guidelines). Research staff will be available 24 hours a day during your stay to facilitate the study and address any questions you may have.


After completion of a clinical trial for the IDCTU, you will be paid according to the amount outlined in the informed consent document. To receive payment you will complete a W-9 form which requires you to provide an address and social security number to the accounting department.  This payment to you may be considered taxable income by the IRS.