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Welcome to the MTB ABSL3 Core Facility Website

This Biosafety Level 3 facility is a state of the art animal facility located in the Animal Resource Center (ARC) at Case Western Reserve University.

This facility runs in collaboration with the W. Henry Boom Lab, the Tuberculosis Research Unit (TBRU), and the Center for AIDS Research (CFAR).

Facility Information

CDC BLS3 LabOur facility can infect mice (normal, transgenic, or knockout) with any strain of M. tuberculosis (MTB) that is not drug resistant.

Aerosol is performed via a closed-system Glas-col Inhalation Exposure System that allows the animals to roam free during infection. Up to 100 mice can be infected simultaneously in 5 different chambers (20 mice per chamber).

10+ Years of Experience

MTB CDCWe have 10+ years experience with MTB model infections and can perform many different types of analyses, including bacterial burden, flow cytometry staining (up to seven colors) and analysis, culture supernatants, PCR, and whole fixed organs harvested for pathology.


Contact Us

If you are interested in starting a collaboration, please fill out the Project Request Form and one of our staff will get back to you regarding your interest and assist with planning your experiments.



W. Henry Boom, M.D.

W. Henry Boom, M.D.