Peer Support Collaborative

All Family Physicians in the six counties* served by the Northeast Ohio Academy of Family Physicians who plan to be recertified by the American Board of Family Medicine have the opportunity to get help with meeting the “Performance in Practice” Part 4 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Requirement.

* Erie, Lorain, Ashland, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake Counties

Part 4 ABFM MOC requirements involve doing a practice assessment and improvement project

This collaborative allows participating physicians to:

  • Choose, plan and implement a practice improvement project, demonstrating their competence in “practice-based learning and improvement.”
  • Exchange peer consultation with other physicians and practices
  • Take advantage of the assistance & innovative resources offered by the MOC4 Project Team

ABFM MOC Part IV Guidelines

MC-FP Basics

  • Maintenance of Certification is broken down into 3-year stages over 10 years.  
  • In the first 3-year stage, physicians have the option of doing 3, part II’s and 1, part IV OR  3, part II’s but only one time during the entire recertification process.
  • Physicians can complete all three MC-FP modules (2 Part IIs and 1 part IV) in the first year of their Stage without penalty. 
  • Complete Stages One and Two and get the 3-year extension.  Miss a part of your MC-FP, and you will be required to sit for the exam. 

Part IV, Performance in Practice

  • One Part IV Performance in Practice Module or approved alternative in Stage Two or Stage Three of the MC-FP process must be completed by all physicians seeking recertification.
  • A Part IV module must be completed within one year of the project start date.
  • Performances in Practice Modules (PPMs), the ABFM’s Part IV modules, are Web-based, quality improvement modules in health areas that generally correspond to the Self-Assessment Modules (SAMs).
  • Alternative modules have been approved and the ABFM acknowledges a variety of alternative practice improvement projects.  (See attached materials on a NE Ohio option.)
More detailed information about MC-FP and Part IV is available at the American Board of Family Medicine 

ABIM MOC Part IV Guidelines


  • Performance in Practice (PIM) modules, or the Self-Directed modules require 3 steps to completion
    • Part 1: Performance Data. Using 5 evidence-based outcome measures, collect data for 10 patients. Data can be what you gather on your own, or that which is already being collected by an approved medical society (some medical societies require a larger sample of patients)
    • Part 2: Improvement Plan. Target one of the measures reported back to you by ABIM and develop an improvement plan. 
    • Part 3: Report Results. In this final stage you will answer questions about your quality improvement plan. 

Alternatives to PIM modules

  • The Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) pathway offers the opportunity to earn 20 MOC points for participating in ABIM approved alternative modules.  
  • If you have participated in a QI activity that is not listed as an AQI pathway options, but have accumulated data within the last 24 months, you may submit your data through the Self-Directed PIM for MOC points.

More detailed information about MOC requirements is available at the American Board of Internal Medicine

Find more information about Performance in Practice here

Your Support Team

The project is led by family physician and epidemiologist Kurt Stange and managed by experienced clinical research faciltiator and MOC Part IV Peer Support Collaborative Project Manager Anindita Biswas.

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