f the Community Engagement Core of Cincinnati’s CTSA program.

CARinG research leaders are especially skilled in qualitative methods, and interviews, observations and focus groups are often components of their research. Collaborating researchers include a number of family medicine researchers, as well as community physicians. In addition, the CARinG Network collaborates with other community organizations, such as the Health Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati to perform research and primary care project evaluations.

The goal of the CARinG Network is to improve the care of patients and the work experience in primary care through a partnership of clinicians, medical office staff, patients, and researchers. Leaders of the CARinG Network are members of the Cincinnati CTSA’s Community Engagement Steering Committee and serve on subcommittees of the community partner council. The University of Cincinnati Department of Family and Community Medicine also supports the PBRN, and all practices affiliated with the Department are members of the PBRN. The CARinG Network regularly meets with the Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group PBRN of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to explore ways to expand research across the lifespan. In addition, Dr. Nancy Elder, CARinG Medical Director has been a co-investigator on several projects with the AAFP-National Research Network and the ACCESS Network in Chicago, giving her experience in working with multiple PBRNs. Dr. Elder will also be spending her sabbatical in 2012 to further develop an infrastructure for Ohio PBRNs to improve the ease with which they continue to work together.

Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group

The Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group (CPRG) is a regional PBRN of over 40 practitioners in 25 pediatric practices. CPRG is financially supported by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and scientifically supported by the University of Cincinnati CTSA’s Community Engagement Core. The goal of the CPRG is to identify problems facing primary care practices and patients, and to design and implement research aimed at addressing these problems and improving care and health outcomes in the community. Fifty-three Greater Cincinnati area pediatric practices have participated in either research or quality improvement projects associated with the network. Since the network’s start in 1996, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has provided financial, technical, and research support to the CPRG.

Dr. Robert Siegel has been the CPRG’s Medical Director since the group's founding in 1996, and he focuses on network leadership, recruitment, and project implementation. Dr. William Brinkman and Dr. Paul Korn are Co-Directors of Research, focusing on scientific rigor. In 2009, the CPRG added the role of Community Director to be a liaison between the group and the community practices. The CPRG’s Steering Committee includes physicians from both community practices and the academic health center, including leaders from the CTSA Community Engagement Core.