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Early Decision Program

Early Decision Program

Early Decision Program - University Program

The CWRU School of Medicine University Program (4 yr. MD) participates in the AMCAS Early Decision Program (EDP). The EDP allows applicants to choose the CWRU School of Medicine University Program as their first choice of medical school and if accepted, attendance to our school is mandatory. Prior to application submission, applicants should familiarize themselves with the AMCAS EDP guidelines.

Given the short application cycle of this program, we require a meeting, either in person or via Skype, with an Admissions representative prior to EDP application in order to assess competitiveness for this unique program. This meeting would ideally take place in the spring prior to the EDP application. Please indicate your interest in the EDP by sending an email to

EDP Eligibility Requirements

While preference will be given to EDP applicants who have demonstrated a strong academic performance, equally important are other attributes such as interpersonal skills, service, medically-related experiences, humanitarianism, teaching, interest in research, and/or other meaningful life experiences.

Participating in the EDP

After receiving approval from the Admissions Office to apply to the EDP, applicants must apply through AMCAS and designate their application as Early Decision; only CWRU may be selected for application. Note that if the AMCAS application is submitted prior to designation as an Early Decision, there is no way to change this status at a later date.

While all application materials must be received in our office by August 1, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to AMCAS as early as possible. Required materials include a verified AMCAS application, a completed secondary application, secondary application payment, all letters of recommendation (refer to admissions requirements), and a valid MCAT score.

Interviews for Early Decision candidates will take place in September and applicants will be notified of an Admissions Committee decision by October 1. If you are not accepted through the EDP, your application will automatically be placed in our regular pool of candidates for further consideration and you can then apply to additional schools.

EDP Deadlines

  • August 1, 2017 Application must be submitted to AMCAS with designation of Early Decision and all supplemental materials must be received by our office.
  • September, 2017 Interviews take place for selected EDP candidates.
  • October 1, 2017 EDP candidates are notified of Admissions Committee decision.
The deadline for an EDP application for the entering class of 2016 has passed.