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Student Activities

Student Activities

Fun Activities at CWRU School of Medicine

Here at Case Western Reserve University there are a lot of activities students can participate in.

Check out some of the fun things our medical students do.

Doc Opera

Doc Opera is a variety show unique to the CWRU School of Medicine. All of the performances are written, choreographed and performed by the medical students and focus on the only life we now know: the amusing sides of CaseMED, medicine in general, and the city of Cleveland. The show serves a dual purpose: a showcase of the wonderful and variable talents of CWRU medical students and a fundraiser for a truly amazing organization - the Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland.

We take great effort to celebrate the quality and creativity that Doc Opera has represented for over the past 20 years while choosing performances that best showcase the talents of our classmates. From juggling and belly dancing to country swing, acting, and show tunes to rap and R & B, Doc Opera is truly a variety show.  




1-2-1 Fitness

One to One Fitness is the premiere Cleveland fitness center, equipped to help you save time and see progress achieving overall wellness in your life. Think cardio, resistance, free- and machine weights, personal training, massage therapy and plenty of special programs all in one spot. We’re 80+ strong in group exercise classes — from power yoga and Pilates to indoor cycling and cardiokick — and boast one of the best smoothie bars in town.

One to One Fitness fills 28,000 square feet on Case Western Reserve University's campus. It’s a University Circle hotspot (with free parking), serving the Case Western Reserve, University Hospitals and surrounding communities. We’re bound and determined to provide the best fitness experience to everyone who walks through our doors. Our memberships are contract-free and term-free. Let’s see you early, often and soon.


Still not sure on what fun activities to participate in?  Check out our Top 10 Things To Do!