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Eligibility for CRSP Master's in Clinical Research Program

Students are selected by an admissions committee representing faculty in the CRSP Master's Program. The prerequisites for consideration for admission are a degree in Medicine, Dentistry, a doctorate in Nursing or allied sciences such as Pharmacy or Biomedical Engineering along with postgraduate training in health care provision or similar clinical applications of the applicant's basic discipline. Individuals with other scientific or medical backgrounds are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The selection criteria are listed below.

Selection Criteria:

  1. A commitment to a career in clinical investigation in an academic or related environment and the estimated likelihood that participation in CRSP will further these goals
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Intellectual and clinical performance during training years
  4. Information from the support letters and letters of recommendation

The Master's in Clinical Research program is particularly applicable to fellows/trainees in fellowship programs (F32), training grants (T32), or those who hold K-series awards (K08, K12, K23), a General Clinical Research Center (GCRC) Clinical Associate Physicians Award, or a Clinical Scholars Award. Such individuals are particularly attractive to CRSP, for a commitment to a research career is usually a prerequisite to achieve such awards. Those persons with a K24 award are also potential candidates depending upon their needs. Please note, although the program will focus on training the individuals defined above, it will be available to potential clinical scientists who are not physicians, nurses, or dentists.