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Light Microscopy Core Facility

Equipment, Services and Capabilities

Equipment, Services and Capabilities

Leica TCS SP8 gated STED

User sitting at the Leica SP8 confocal system.A gated STED super-resolution confocal laser scanner is mounted on an inverted DMI6000 microscope equipped with a motorized stage. The system is equipped with the following lasers: 405 nm, Argon (458, 476, 488, 496, 514 nm), a tunable white light laser (470-670 nm) and a STED laser (592 nm). The system has both PMTs and hybrid (GaAsP) detectors for higher sensitivity detection, greater dynamic range and low light imaging capabilities. Additionally, the system is equipped with resonant (high speed) and galvo (high pixel density) scanners, a zGalvo stage for precision z-sectioning, an environmental chamber for live cell imaging, AOBS (acoustic-optical beam splitter) and sequential scanning capabilities. The system is capable of 3D rendering, FRAP, FRET, time-lapse and Huygens deconvolution. The objectives possess superior color-correction and are optimized for confocal applications. These objectives include a plan apochromatic 10x/0.4, 20x/0.75 (multi-immersion), 40x/1.1 (water) 40x/1.3 (oil), 63x/1.4 (oil) and 100x/1.4 (oil).

Leica TCS SP2 multiphoton/confocal

Leica SP2 confocal system.The confocal laser scan head is mounted on a Leica DMIRE2 inverted microscope. This system combines spectrophotometric detection with confocal and multiphoton microscopy. Excitation light sources include six visible wavelengths (458, 476, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm) plus a tunable (720-950 nm) IR light source (Coherent Chameleon XR MP laser). Objectives include 10x/0.4, 20x/0.70 (multi-immersion), 40x/1.25-0.75 (oil), 63x/1.20 (water) and 63x/1.40-0.60 (oil).

Zeiss LSM510 Meta confocal microscope

Zeiss LSM510 confocal system.A LSM510 META scan head is mounted on a Zeiss Axiovert 200M inverted microscope equipped with a motorized stage. The system offers eight excitation wavelengths (405, 458, 477, 488, 514 , 543, 594 and 633 nm) and utilizes three separate reflected light PMTs for detection, each with its own adjustable pinhole and emission filter wheel. A transmitted light PMT is able to acquire phase and DIC images as well.

Leica DM6000 upright microscope

Leica DM6000 upright microscope. ‌A completely motorized upright microscope for automated transmitted light (brightfield, darkfield, polarization, DIC) and fluorescence microscopy. For fluorescence, an 8 filter turret may accommodate filter sets for UV, Blue, Green, Red, G/R, BGR, CFP, YFP, CFP/YFP, and CY5. The motorized Z-drive provides the conveniences of parfocality, saved focus stops, and automated positioning of various Z levels. Objectives include 1.25x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x, and 100x. Images are acquired with a Q-Imaging Retiga Xi firewire high-speed, 12-bit cooled CCD camera with an IR blocking filter.

Leica DMI6000 inverted microscope

A Leica DMI6000 inverted microscope on a table.‌A motorized inverted microscope for automated transmitted light (brightfield and phase contrast) and fluorescence microscopy. The Z drive is motorized, providing for parfocality, saved focus levels, and automated positioning of various Z levels. The objectives on the motorized turret include 10x, 20x, 40x and 63x. Images are acquired with a cooled 12-bit Hamamatsu Orca-ER CCD digital camera.

Leica MZFLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope

A Leica MZFLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope on a table.A stereomicroscope equipped with filters for GFP, dsRed, YFP and CFP. Instrument is capable of 12.5:1 zoom. A SPOT RT slider color digital camera is utilized for imaging.

Zeiss Axioplan 2

Zeiss Axioplan 2 microscope on a table. Upright microscope for transmitted light microscopy, supporting brightfield, DIC and epifluorescence. Objectives include 10x/0.5, 20x/0.5, 40x/0.75 and 100x/1.3. Utilizes a Scion 12-bit color CCD camera for imaging.

Zeiss Stemi SV11

Zeiss STEMI stereomicroscope on a table. Stereomicroscope equipped with filters for FITC, GFP and Cyan fluorescence. Light source also provide reflected and transmitted light.

Zeiss Axiovert 200M with TIRF

A Zeiss Axiovert 200M with TIRF on a table.A motorized, general-purpose inverted microscope that includes the Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) hardware package from Zeiss, including a multi-line (458, 488 and 514 nm) 100 mW Lasos 77 Series laser that enables very high-resolution imaging of signals near biological membranes.

Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator

‌A Zeiss Axioplan upright microscope serves as the basis for this system equipped with a high-resolution motorized stage designed for three-dimensional reconstructions of neurons filled with fluorescent or opaque dyes utilizing Neurolucida. A separate stereology package, Stereo Investigator, allows the user to estimate cell number and morphological properties of 3D structures from 2D data (e.g. images, thin sections, or multiple serial sections).

Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner

A Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner.This scanner digitizes whole slides in brightfield and fluorescence. Scans can be aquired at 5x, 10x, 20x, or 40x magnification. Three filters are available for fluorescence: (DAPI, GFP, Red filters). Images can be uploaded to the cloud so you can sit at your own computer to securely view them using Digital Image Hub. Image analysis software is Visiopharm.