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Lab Members

Lab Members

Lab Members

Jerry Silver, PhD

Professor of Neurosciences

Profile photo of Jerry Silver.

Research Assistants

Graduate Students

Medical School Students

Undergraduate Students

  • Tara Phuongnhi Tran
  • Sapna Sundar
  • Meigen Yu
  • Kevin Chu
  • Rachel Chen
  • Jasper Oh
  • Sophia Yin
  • Noah Staton

Past Lab Members

  • Michel Kliot: Post-Doc, Currently Professor and Chief of Neurosurgery VA Puget Sound HCS and Univ of Washington, Seattle.
  • Mike Steinmetz: Post-Doc, Currently Chair of Neurosurgery at Metro Health Hospital Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Diane Snow: Grad Student, Currently Professor with endowed chair at the University of Kentucky.
  • George Smith: Grad Student, Currently Professor Dept. of Neuroscience, Shriners Hospital Pediatric Research Center, Temple Univ.
  • Ahmet Hoke: Grad Student, Currently Professor of Neurology, Director Neuromuscular Division, Johns Hopkins University
  • Bradley Lang: Grad Student, Currently Scientist at Athersys,
  • Sarah Busch: Grad Student, Currently Senior Scientist at Athersys,
  • Angela Nord: Grad Student, Currently Post-doctoral Fellow at Case Western,
  • Teresa Evans: Grad Student, Currently MSTP 4th year medical student
  • Alicia Hawthorne: Grad Student, Currently Postdoctoral Fellow, Emory University,
  • Himanshu Sharma: Research Assist. Currently MSTP at NY Stony Brook
  • Warren Alilain: Post-Doc Currently Assistant Professor at Metro Health
  • Bornali Kundu: Research Asst. Currently Resident in Salt Lake City
  • Ben Brown: Research Asst. Currently MD/PhD student, Vanderbilt University,
  • Veronica Tom: Grad Student, Currently Associate Professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, Drexel Univeristy
  • Fernando Cuascut: Research Asst. Currently MD Neurology Resident SUNY Downstate Medical Center