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Jonathan Miller, M.D.

Jonathan Miller, M.D.

Director, Functional and Restorative Neurosurgery; Co-Director, Neuroscience Clerkship; Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery; Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, University Hospitals Clevleand Medical Center

Medical School Education

Case Western Reserve University
School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH M.D. 2002


Graduate Medical Education

Case Western Reserve University
University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH  Intern, General Surgery 2002 – 2003

Case Western Reserve University
University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH  Resident, Neurological Surgery     2003 – 2006

Oregon Health & Science University, Portland Fellow, Functional + Stereotactic Surgery 2006 – 2007

Case Western Reserve University
University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH  Chief Resident, Neurological Surgery 2007 - 2008

Clinical Interests

Cancer Pain, Epilepsy Surgery, Facial Pain, Movement Disorders Surgery, Pain Neurosurgery, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Stereotatic & Functional Neurosurgery

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