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Match Day 2017

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CWRU, Cleveland Clinic collaborate with Microsoft on mixed-reality technology.

Match Day 2017

Match Day Madness

March 17th, 2017

. . . 11:57 . . . 11:58 . . . 11:59 . . . 12:00! 

At exactly 12:00PM, medical students from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine joined their colleagues around the country in a special, exhilarating moment: racing for the Match Day envelopes that would tell them where they would spend the next years of their training.

After all the waiting, clock-watching, and envelope ripping, 196 soon-to-be-MDs discovered their fates. This year, they had much to be excited about:

  • 23% matched to top programs throughout the United States, including at Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Massachusetts General, and NewYork-Presbyterian.
  • 20% will continue serving the Cleveland community through residencies at University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, and Metrohealth Medical Center. Several more will remain in Ohio.
  • 37% are entering primary care specialties.

As a class, their top residency choices included internal medicine, emergency medicine, ophthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, and radiology.

A HUGE congratulations to all our matching students, their families, and all those who helped them along the way!


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