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Part-Time Master's Degree Program

Part-Time Master's Degree Program

Students may take up to five (5) years to complete their degree.  This is easily accomplished when taking one (1) course per semester.  Programs are individually tailored to meet students interests and professional goals.  

Case Western Reserve University

Limit Per Term Full-time (37.5 hrs/wk) – 6 credit hours fall and spring; 3 credit hours summer
Three-fourths time (28-37.4 hrs/wk) – 4.5 credit hours fall and spring; 2.25 credit hours summer
Half-time (18.75-27.9 hrs/wk)- 3 credit hours fall and spring; 1.5 credit hours summer

Cleveland Clinic

Total Rewards Tuition Reimbursement
Full-Time Employee plan benefit varies by degree type ($7,500 Graduate, $5,000 Undergraduate, $2,500 Associate)
Part-Time Employees are eligible for 50% of the Full-Time plan benefit
Academic/vocational institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation

University Hospitals

Currently at $3000 max.  As of January 1st for a Master’s will go up to $5000 for a Bachelor’s and $7,500 for a Master’s.

Metrohealth Medical Center

MHMC:  FT employee up to $6,000 annually; PT prorated per hours worked