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Research Mentors

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Mentors in the Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program have a history of training diverse students. A PREP Mentor will have:

  • Outstanding research program supported by the National Institutes of Health
  • Strong record of scientific productivity. Productive labs are energetic and include many other scientists at various levels, providing a dynamic research environment
  • Experience in training. All mentors are trainers in CWRU's biomedical PhD programs and are thus familiar with the demands of graduate study
  • Active participation in the PREP. Only investigators committed to the goals of the PREP serve as faculty trainers. Faculty are expected to provide mentorship in the lab and participate in meetings
  • An attractive and relevant research plan for a PREP Scholar


PREP Scholars have engaged in a variety of research areas:

  • Protein transport channels
  • Gene transcription of PEPCK-C
  • Cortical development and cell cycle dynamics
  • CNS axon regeneration
  • Gene expression in breast cancer

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Application season opens on December 1.

Priority will be given to applications received before January 31. Applicants will be reviewed immediately following this date and offers will be made on a rolling basis.

We will continue to accept applications until our final deadline of March 15th.

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