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Clinical Rotations

Clinical Rotations

The goal of our residency program is to educate physicians to become outstanding Obstetrician-Gynecologists who are fully capable of becoming leaders in all areas of women’s health care. The breadth of clinical experience provided is enhanced by a myriad of dedicated conferences to allow residents in this program to excel in all aspects of women’s health care. Whether a resident is interested in pursuing a fellowship or an academic career, or wishes to go directly into the practice of medicine, we hope to nurture a lifelong commitment to learning and clinical excellence.


Ultrasound/Post-Partum (2)  Ambulatory (1) Benign Gynecology (3) Benign Gynecology (2)
Obstetrics (2) Obstetrics (1) Maternal and Fetal Medicine (2) Obstetrics (2)
Oncology (2) Benign Gynecology/Family Planning (1) Oncology (2) Urogynecology (1)
Benign Gynecology (2) Maternal and Fetal Medicine (2) Elective Rotation (1) Elective Rotation (1)
Ambulatory (2) Night Float (2) Night Float (1) Night Float (2)
Night Float (2) Oncology (2)   Minimally Invasive Surgery (2)
  REI (1)