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lutionary-insight.html">Fossil Provides Evolutionary Insight
Fossil Provides Evolutionary Insight

A partial foot fossil discovered in Ethiopia proves Lucy wasn’t the only ancient human ancestor in the neighborhood 3.4 million years ago.

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Medicaid Recipients Face Shorter Survival

Cancer Drugs Offer New Hope

A Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine study shows Ohio cancer patients on Medicaid face shorter survival times than those with private insurance or no insurance at all.

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Medicus: Abstracts

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The pages that follow are full of news about extraordinary achievements—discoveries of alternative uses for existing drugs, breakthroughs in identifying markers for deadly disease and detection of trends hidden amid reams of data. Read the dean's letter ›

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Best Graduate Schools 2011

Best Graduate Schools 2011

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Ranked Among the Nation’s Best in U.S. News & World Report