New Nutrition Chair Supports Inner-City Health Initiatives

A $23.5-million gift from the Williamson family of Cleveland will create the Angela Bowen Williamson Chair in Nutrition at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, as well as support many other areas around campus

Angela Bowen Williamson, a 1933 Flora Stone Mather graduate, was a dietician who received her advanced training in the Army while serving in the South Pacific during World War II. She continued her practice as a nutritionist in Cleveland and promoted good nutrition throughout her life.

The chair will particularly enhance the efforts of the School of Medicine's Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods. "There are many neighborhoods in inner-city Cleveland where fresh fruits and vegetables are rare and fast food is abundant," says Pamela B. Davis, dean of the medical school. "We intend to make healthy foods more available in these neighborhoods and reduce the incidents of chronic disease in the Cleveland population."