Case Western Reserve Pediatrician Updates Classic Childcare Book

Case Western Reserve Pediatrician Updates Classic Childcare Book

Members of the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine faculty have stepped into the shoes of renowned childcare expert Benjamin Spock, MD.

Robert Needlman, MD, associate professor of pediatrics and a pediatrician at MetroHealth Medical Center, updated the ninth edition of Spock’s classic parenting manual, Dr. Spock’s Baby and Childcare, which was released late last year.

Spock passed away in 1998, but generations of medical experts have continued his work through updated books and, an online resource for parents. As sole co-author of the ninth edition, Needlman has updated the book for today’s parents, who are raising children in a very different world than the one that existed when Spock’s book was originally published in 1946.

The ninth edition provides expanded coverage of topics such as electronic media and games, childhood obesity and approaches to managing conditions like ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and depression. A special ninth edition, adapted for the Indian subcontinent by Needlman and Abdulla Ghori, MD, assistant professor at the School of Medicine and director of ambulatory pediatrics at MetroHealth Medical Center, is scheduled for release in November.