Professorship Supports Emerging Field of Integrative Oncology

The Parker Hannifin Foundation and the Helen Moss Cancer Research Foundation have joined with other donors to help position Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine as a national leader in the emerging field of integrative oncology.

The two organizations came together to help establish the Parker Hannifin–Helen Moss Cancer Research Foundation Professorship in Integrative Oncology. The foundations’ funding of this professorship will allow the School of Medicine to recruit a distinguished faculty member to advance the medical school’s work in this field.

Integrative oncology is an approach to cancer treatment that combines complementary and alternative therapies with traditional medical practice. Because it remains relatively new, integrative oncology is ripe for dynamic scholarly leadership to advance understanding and practice.

Helen Moss, a stage-four breast cancer survivor, was the driving force behind this groundbreaking professorship, the result of more than a decade of her advocacy on behalf of integrative oncology. She found a partner in Parker Hannifin Corp., a Cleveland-based Fortune 500 company known for its commitment to its employees’ health.

“This professorship will change the way cancer is treated,” Moss says. “By advancing the field of integrative oncology, my hope is that we shift the focus to the patient as an individual.”

Pamela B. Davis, MD, PhD, dean of the School of Medicine, agrees. “This professorship is a catalyst for change in the comprehensive treatment of cancer. It embodies the definition of ‘integrative’ by combining the elements of research, education and all aspects of care under common leadership,” she says.