Pierluigi Gambetti, MD

Professor and Director, Division of Neuropathology

Pierluigi Gambetti, MD has been a Professor of Neuropathology and Director of the Division of Neuropathology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and University Hospitals in Cleveland since 1977. Dr. Gambetti was born in Imola (Bologna), Italy and attended the University Of Bologna School Of Medicine, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He served in the army special corps of the "Alpini" and then trained in the Department of Neurology of the University of Bologna. In 1963, Dr. Gambetti served as a Fellow in Neuropathology at the Institut Bunge in Antwerp, Belgium and then as a Fellow of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Rome, Italy. Dr. Gambetti received a fellowship from the Multiple Sclerosis Society to work in pathology at the University of Pennsylvania in 1966 and was later promoted to Associate Professor.

After discovering Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI) in collaboration with Elio Lugaresi, Dr. Gambetti began his studies of prion diseases. His research led to the discovery of a novel mechanism of phenotype heterogeneity, protein typing, and novel variants of sporadic Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease. With the sponsorship of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Gambetti created the National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center in 1997. This was the first center of its type in the U.S. and was established to track, collect, and test suspected cases of human prion diseases. Currently, he is the Professor of Pathology and Neurology at Case Western Reserve University and the Director of the National Prion Surveillance Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Gambetti has been honored with the Weil Award for Best Paper in Experimental Neuropathology in 1983, the Potamkin Prize from the American Academy of Neurology in 1997, the Method to Extend Research in Time (Merit) Award from the National Institute on Aging in 1989, and the Leadership and Excellence in Alzheimer's Disease (LEAD) Award in 1991. He is also the past President of the American Association of Neuropathologist. Dr. Gambetti serves on numerous editorial boards of scientific journals and grant-making organizations. He has authored or contributed to more than 326 publications, journals, and books.