Alexis Abramson - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Alexis Abramson Ph.D.
Professor Abramson
Phone: (216)-368-4191
Office Location: Glennan 408

Professor Alexis Abramson Ph.D.

In her academic role, Dr. Abramson has published numerous peer‐reviewed publications and has given over fifty presentations on cutting‐edge scientific topics that span subject matter from novel techniques for thermal characterization of nanostructures (resulting in a patent) to the design and synthesis of unique nanomaterials for use in alternative energy applications. Additionally, she has published various reports and articles on subjects relating to nanotechnology and its development throughout the world. Alexis is also a productive teacher in the university classroom and has led and participated in various programs focused on science education and outreach, including a middle/high school teaching module on nanotechnology. Complementary to her academic activities, Alexis has also explored an interest in technology based economic development through interaction with NorTech. A champion of nanotechnology’s development in the NE Ohio region, she has given over fifty presentations on nanotechnology to area companies and institutions and initiated programs to stimulate collaboration and commercialization of nanotechnology. Additionally, Dr. Abramson was the chief organizer of the NanoApp Summit (2007) and the Nanomedicine Summit (2008), both national conferences with great visibility. More recently, Alexis has been working to develop strategies to help accelerate technology commercialization at the region’s universities and research institutions.