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Scottish dental student sees new advances in dental medicine

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What do roller coasters and dental implants have in common? The answer is two exchange students—Claudia Greenfield from Glasgow, Scotland, and Jamie Bartman, a third-year student at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine.

Bartman and Greenfield are among a number of dental students who have been crossing the Atlantic Ocean over the past 13 years to learn more about each others' cultures and the dental profession through the exchange program of the USA Section of the Interantional College of Dentists. The exchange program was initiated by Case dental school alum Richard Rice of Lyndhurst.

Greenfield, a dental student from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, was hosted to a whirlwind three-week stay in Cleveland by Bartman. The Case student will leave on December 26 to visit Greenfield as part of Bartman's part of the exchange program.

Greenfield, 32, was a nurse for 10 years before she made a career switch to dental medicine. After finishing her fifth year of dental school in Scotland and then a one-year residency, she plans to have a career as a general dentist.

Bartman, of Jackson, Mich., is also focused on a general dental medicine practice that she hopes to take up in Ohio or her native state.

While in Cleveland, Greenfield spent time observing a number of dentists in the fields of endodontics and periodontics at Case, in private practices and at the Cleveland Clinic.

What she found surprising during her observations was the number of implants (artificial teeth that are anchored to the jaw with dental screws) being placed by the endodontic and periodontic specialists.

Through the national health services provided to Scottish residents, Greenfield said implants are not done when patients lose their teeth due to infections. Teeth are replaced with dentures or bridges.

"When I get home, I'm going to investigate whether implants are being done in private practice," she said.

But dental medicine was not the only topics on her packed agenda. Other times were spent at Cedar Point where her first experience on the lofty roller coasters was frightening but quickly turned into a passion for the rides.

"We don't have any amusement parks with rides that high," she said.

Other points of interest were a photo opportunity with General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses Grant during a Civil War reenactment on a visit to Bartman's home in Michigan, a backstage tour of Playhouse Square theaters, a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, visits to famous graves at Lakeside Cemetery and a drive by the historical architecture in the eastern suburbs.

In addition to the sightseeing, Greenfield, who loves the outdoors, hiked with Bartman through the Metroparks and also ran through Little Italy where Bartman lives with another new friend of Greenfield's, Bartman's toy poodle named Pepper.

The International College of Dentists, which sponsors the exchange, is an eminent honorary organization of the world's distinguished dentists who have concerns for advancing the dental profession and for recognizing outstanding professional achievements.


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