Becton Dickinson LSR II

The Center now maintains a dedicated flow cytometry center based around the BD LSR II cytometer in the Kazura Lab area, BRB 4th Floor SW Labs. Paula Embury and Rhonda Kimmel will coordinate scheduling, training and maintenance of this machine and can be reached at 368-4886, or

There is an on-line calendar to coordinate the flow cytometer schedule at the following URL: Please see her for your initial training and any Diva software or instrument issues. We intend to have the flow available during "normal business hours": M-F from 9am - 5pm. Please include your full name, e-mail, and phone number in your on-line reservation.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Additional Information about the LSR II

488nm Blue PE-Cy7 A 735 LP 780/60  
488nm Blue PerCP B 635 LP 670/14 PerCP-Cy5.5
488nm Blue Alexa 610 C 600 LP 610/20 PE-Texas Red
488nm Blue PE D 550 LP 575/26 GFP
488nm Blue FITC E 505 LP 530/30 Alexa 488
488nm Blue Side Scatter F   488/10 Side Scatter
633nm Red APC-Alexa 750 A 735 LP 780/60 APC-Cy7
633nm Red Alexa 700 B 685 LP 730/45  
633nm Red APC C   660/20 Alexa Fluor 660

Online Protocols for using the LSR II

Coming soon!