Framework Program for Global Health


Global Health is the broadest concept of public health, focusing on the international aspects of disease transmission, diagnosis, treatment, policy, and prevention.  The overall objective of the Case Framework Program for Global Health is to interest and retain undergraduate, graduate and professional students in international health related careers by expanding the perception of what are relevant fields, facilitating interdisciplinary study and providing opportunities for applied experiences. 

The framework program facilitates the identification of existing courses across disciplines that are relevant to Global Health and develops a pool of faculty advisors with expertise in the multi-dsicplinary field of Global Health.  A key component of the program will be to create a limited number of exchange and support programs with Departments and Ministries of Health in developing countries of Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas via existing contacts within the Case community.  For example, students’ will be able to apply their training in policy, modeling, data analysis, pathogen detection and resource allocation to small scale issues and databases in countries that have good data collection infrastructure, but poor capacity for analysis and research.  This activity will be conducted within workshops on campus as well as at the international sites themselves.  Students who fulfill the general core competencies and those specifically related to their main discipline will be identified as having completed a concentration in Global Health in addition to a degree in their discipline or profession. 

Integrated Curriculum

This program integrates a variety of academic disciplines at Case Western Reserve University that are relevant to Global Health. Students participating in individual academic programs will have an opportunity to expand their exposure to these other disciplines through an introductory Global Health course, INTH 301/401. Students may then use the resources of this program to apply their individual course of study to a specific area of Global Health through additional courses and/or with international experiences.

Application-oriented Workshops

New and existing 1 credit hour applied Global Health workshops will be offered in conjunction with this program.  Potential activities are to analyze, model, forecast disease or healthcare utilization patterns using data from clinics, local laboratories, regional labs or Ministries of Health.  There is a wealth of raw publicly available or otherwise- accessible data in developing (as well as developed) countries.  Even small scale data sets from a single lab or clinic (penicillin use versus isolation of Strep. Pneumo, dengue virus isolation over the last decade) may produce valuable information for the source and would be an important experience for students.  The value for students to work with, analyze, form conclusions and communicate this to a real entity is priceless.  Writing an actual IRB protocol for an international study, reviewing actual IRBs, critiques of drafts of healthcare legislation in Kenya, analysis of hydrographic data available from the internet from Brazil, are also potential workshops.  Other multi-disciplinary workshops would include hands-on laboratory in genotyping and serotyping for non-molecular biologists.

International Experiences

Multi-disciplinary international field experiences will be arranged by between participating academic programs at Case Western Reserve University and foreign institutions. These opportunities will be announced individually and application materials will be posted on this website.

Opportunities for non-affiliated international experiences also exist with individual faculty members, programs, and foreign institutions. This website will highlight some of these opportunities as they are made available.

Certificate in Global Health

A certificate of completion will be granted to students who fulfill the general core competencies of Global Health as set forth by their individuals program of study. In general this will entail the completion of INTH 301 (Global Health) , an additional two courses from the Global Health Curricium, and an minimum of two additional courses listed in this framework curriculum. For more information, visit the Certificate page on this website.

This program is supported by a grant from the US NIH John E. Fogarty International Center.

For more infromation about the CWRU Framework in Global Health, contact Dr, Ronald Blanton A brochure is also available by clicking here.