February 6, 2004
.. Vonnegut entertains Case
.. Tuition to increase 10 percent next year
.. Adelbert Road bridge to be replaced in 2005, construction continues
.. City Club extends forums to students
.. Jan Hopkins speaks of experience at CNN, Citibank
.. Knowledge lecture series begins
.. Federal judge rules Microsoft violated patents on software
.. Congress may pass laws, dropping pell grant funds
.. Greek Update
.. The Brief Case
.. Lady Spartans sputter against Violets, Judges
.. Spartans split with Brandeis, NYU
.. Case teams turn out first place finishes at Spartan Relays
.. Crew club prepares for winter ergattas
.. Men defeat, women fall to swimming Wittenberg Tigers
.. Bored waiting for football? Watch the Cavs
.. Wrestlers finish second in the Second City
.. Finnigan Fields construction moves slowly but surely
.. Pats win second Super Bowl in three years, 32-29
.. Home Shopping poor replacement for sports
.. Editorial
.. Strategic voting in 2004
.. Letters to the Editor
.. Simple Plan guitarist discusses stereotypes, sellouts, losing MTV music award to 50 Cent
.. Punk bands sound great despite bad crowd
.. Where has all the folk music gone?
.. Art museum photography exhibit reveals natural lovin'
.. Simon's Dinner Party leaves audience hungry
.. Miracle: Adrenaline pumping, Communist-friendly fun
.. Side Trax
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