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How helping others helps our students

Next week, scores of Case Western Reserve students will step away from their computers, books, labs, rehearsals and practice fields to dedicate themselves to the betterment our neighborhood. We at CWRU know well this commitment to help others does our students a world of good as well.

Saturday, Nov. 5 is Case Western Reserve’s official Fall Saturday of Service, a biannual event that brings students in droves to spend a significant portion of the day assisting senior citizens, tutoring children, providing meals the hungry, encouraging voters to turn out to the polls and more.  

Service opportunities on campus abound. At any given time, students can find dozens of one-time, repeating and ongoing opportunities to support the community at times that fit students’ busy schedules—in animal shelters, food banks, tutoring programs, book drives, Boys and Girls Clubs and much more.  

Whether volunteering a few hours or immersing themselves in service regularly, students gain a deeper appreciation of community and a better understanding of the forces that shape society. We at Case Western Reserve are proud of the 480,000+ hours our students commit to service each year—not only because they are bettering our community, but also because these experience help them to develop themselves as community-minded members of society.  


Edwin B. Mayes
Director of First-Year Experience and Family Programs

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