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August 2016

Date Released: 1 August 2016

Case Western Reserve University

proCWRUment April 2017

August 2016

This newsletter is published by The Office of Procurement and Distribution Services, Case Western Reserve University. To communicate with the editor, email:

AnchorDid You Know?

 Please remember not to use your Pcard for store memberships like Amazon Prime or bulk office supplies like copier paper.

 The Stuck Active Cart fix PDF is available on the Procurement website.

 Attaching your PCard receipts electronically in PaymentNet4 will save time when your card is selected for audit. If all receipts exist in PN4, the auditor will not need to come to your office.

Contact PDS

Hours of Operation:
8:30 am - 5:00 pm M-F

Phone: 216-368-2560

General Information:

Change an address in PS Financials:
PCard Information:
Pcard Audit Info:
Establishing Supplier Connections:
Submit Contract Info:
Submit Invoices:
The University Movers:

Contact our Preferred Suppliers:

Contact Information:
Fisher Scientific:
Office Depot:

AnchorNew SmartCART Vendors Added!

Complete Book is vendor of books and periodicals that is available via Punchout in SmartCART.

Promega manufactures products for use in biotech and molecular biology and is available via Punchout in SmartCART


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A Word About Independent Contractors

From time to time, it may be necessary to contract for professional services from a source other than an enterprise registered as a corporation. In all such cases, the institution will comply with Federal and State regulations and guidelines concerning the classification of an individual as an employee or an independent contractor.

Whether someone providing a service is an employee or an independent contractor is critical. It becomes important for determining benefits and pension eligibility, the worker's compensation coverage, wages and hour laws, unemployment compensation and personal tax liability. Each situation must be analyzed independently as the determination of the status may change with each circumstance.

No purchase order using an independent contractor will be processed without the appropriate documentation and determination.  An Independent Contractor form and approved PO must be in place before an Independent Contractor may begin work for the University.

More information regarding Independent Contractors can be found on the Procurement website.

AnchorAnchorPertinent Purchasing Points

  • After the Fact POs - Requisitions should be submitted and approved, and a PO generated, prior to authorizing a vendor to provide goods or services to the University. 

    Procurement is the only CWRU department authorized to release funds for a purchase on behalf of the University.  If a CWRU employee authorizes a purchase without a CWRU PO number, that employee may be personally liable for the purchase.  Please see the CWRU Procurement policy for additional details.

  • Gift Card Purchases - Gift Cards can be purchased via National Gift Card using SmartCART but will be subject to Purchasing approval. 

    A valid business purpose must be provided when purchasing gift cards.  Valid business purposes can include study participation, student activity incentives, an employee recognition (subject to the CWRU Employee Recognition policy).

    Gift cards may not be used for travel or to allocate for travel related expenses or for supplemental compensation. For information on how to reimburse for travel related expenses, please see the CWRU Travel site.

  • Receiving POs - If you are paying an invoice over $5,000 the Purchase order must be received in PeopleSoft Financials before payment can be made. Instructions for creating a receipt in PeopleSoft can be found on the UTech PeopleSoft Financials page.

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   SmartCART Vendors

 AG Print Promo  LPS
 Airgas  MetroHealth
 Apple  McMaster Carr
 B&H Photo ‌  MCPc
 BD Bio  National Gift Card
 BioExpress  Office Depot
 Bio-Rad  Ohio Desk
 Cell Signaling ‌ ‌ Promega
 CDW-G ‌ Qiagen
 Cleveland Clinic ‌ Quez Media
 CompleteBook  ‌ Roche
 Dell  SHI ‌
 Denville Scientific  ‌Shima Limo 
 Dot Scientific ‌ Sigma-Aldrich
 FedEx Office  ThermoFisher
 Fisher Scientific  Touch of Class
‌‌ Fisher Stockroom  TLC Springwater
 GovConnection  University Hospitals
 Grainger  VA Medical Center
 Henry Schein  VWR
 IDT  VWR Stockroom
 ISC BioExpress  

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