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Volume 3, Issue 1

Date Released: 24 March 2014

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Case Western Reserve University

proCWRUment Quarterly 2013 Volume3 Issue1

Vol. 3, Issue 1, 2013

This newsletter is published by The Office of Procurement and Distribution Services, Case Western Reserve University. To communicate with the editor, email:

Did You Know?

Light Bulb

  • The fiscal year-end informational session is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28th from 1pm to 2:30pm in Strosacker Auditorium
  • FY13 ends June 30th, 2013
  • Attaching your PCard receipts electronically in PaymentNet4 will save time when your card is selected for audit. If all receipts exist in PN4, the auditor will not need to come to your office
  • Vicky McMillan is our OfficeMax representative and can be reached at or 440-228-9229

Contact PDS

Hours of Operation:
8:30 am - 5:00 pm M-F

Phone: 216-368-2560

General Information:

Change an address in PS Financials:
PCard Information:
Pcard Audit Info:
Establishing Supplier Connections:
Submit Contract Info:
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The University Movers:


Contact our Preferred Suppliers:

Contact Information:

Fisher Scientific:

Meet the Procurement Team

Name Tag PicRecently, Procurement underwent a transformation to better align the staff to the evolving needs of a strategic procurement department. We welcomed
Thomas Bassett, as our Sourcing Manager for the General commodities. His responsibilities include construction, facilities, and many other areas that touch the entire campus. Andrea Longstreet holds the position of Sourcing Manager for the Research commodities, and comes with many years of expertise in the research space. Terry Thomas and Sheila Wright were hired as senior buyers and possess a wealth of knowledge in the buying space.

An up-to-date staff directory of all Procurement and AP staff can be found on-line here

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New Contracts

Contract PicSeveral new contracts have been awarded to vendors of the University. Notably, Kelly Services won a multi-year contract for Temporary Staffing Services by lowering rates and increasing diversity participation in new opportunitites. Office Max won a competitively bid contract for office supplies. An alias has been set up for assistance with Office Max, Verizon Wireless has provided an enhanced discount to Faculty and Staff with additional consortium benefits. For more information, please contact

Finally, MCPc has been awarded a contract as a local value-added reseller of Dell computers and equipment. Please note their new punch-out in SmartCART, and channel your Dell computer purchases through this MPCc punch-out.

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Reminder: Document Search Available in SmartCART

Document Search - Simple Search

As a reminder, Document Search is available in SmartCART. It is a significant upgrade from the previous History search capabilitiy. PeopleSoft Financials users that can create reqs are able to search for their carts and POs.

Window Shoppers can search for their carts and find POs by PO number, Cart Name, or SmartCART requisition number. You may find Advanced Search to be helpful. It is located to the right of the yellow "Go" button in Document Search.

Doc Search - Advanced Search

PeopleSoft Financials and SmartCART

Abbreviations: PS Fin = PeopleSoft Financials and
SC WS = SmartCART Window Shopper

  • PS Fin users: Please verify your SmartCART reqs have been sent out to the supplier by checking that the Status in eProcurement>Manage Requisitions says "PO Dispatched" fourty-five minutes after your order is approved, to ensure timely delivery.
  • Both PS Fin and SmartCART users:
    Use Document Search in SmartCART and view the History tab on the PO to see that the order went through to the supplier (usually says 200 ok, etc under the History tab)
  • PS Fin users: comments in PS Fin are not sent to the supplier/vendor
  • SmartCART users: Use Document Search to find the PO associated with your cart or SmartCART requisition number. If you cannot find the PO # it might not have been created yet. You may want to contact the PS Fin user that submits your order if you cannot find the PO.

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Apple Computers & National Gift Card

Apple NGC PicTwo new vendors were recently added to the SmartCART System, Apple Computer, and National Gift Card. Apple Computer provides our educational pricing for systems, laptops, and may be used to order accessories, iPads, and peripherals. National Gift Card was added as a solution for gift card purchases that support Official University Business. Please be sure to include a description on your req that includes both business purpose and recipients of the cards, for audit purposes. Any gift cards given to employees, should be reported to the payroll office using this form: Gifts to Employees Reporting Form. For any questions, or suggestions of new vendors, please e-mail

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SmartCART Vendors

sc bullet AG Print Promo sc bullet Life Technologies
sc bullet Airgas sc bullet LPS
sc bullet Apple Computers  sc bullet McMaster Carr
sc bullet BD Biosciences sc bullet MCPc
sc bullet BioExpress sc bullet National Gift Card
sc bullet Bio-Rad Laboratories sc bullet OfficeMax
sc bullet CDW-G sc bullet Qiagen
sc bullet Dell sc bullet R&D Systems
sc bullet Denville Scientific sc bullet Roche
sc bullet Dot Scientific sc bullet Sigma Aldrich
sc bullet Fisher Scientific sc bullet Steelcase
sc bullet Fisher Stockroom sc bullet TLC Springwater
sc bullet GovConnection sc bullet VWR International
sc bullet Grainger sc bullet XpedX
sc bullet Henry Schein  
Coming Soon!
Beckman Coulter
Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless

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