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Volume 3, Issue 3 Special Edition

Date Released: 23 April 2014

Case Western Reserve University

proCWRUment Special Edition 2013 Volume3 Issue3

Vol. 3, Issue 3, 2013

This newsletter is published by The Office of Procurement and Distribution Services, Case Western Reserve University. To communicate with the editor, email:

December 2nd Calendar

Important Dates

  • Demo #1: Tues, Nov 19th at the Ford Auditorium in the Allen Library, 1:30-2:30pm
  • Demo #2: Thurs, Nov 21st at the Ford Auditorium in the Allen Library, 1:30-2:30pm
  • Monday, Dec 2 all users should have switched over to the new user interface
  • January 2014 all users that have not switched over will be changed to the Phoenix user interface.

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Phone: 216-368-2560

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SmartCART Update- User Interface Change

SmartCART LogoCWRU has been using the SmartCART online shopping platform for over three years now. This successful tool sees over 900 unique users a month, and has had almost $5 million in spend already in FY14. As SmartCART continues to grow and evolve, the time has come for the User Interface to be updated. This change, dubbed Phoenix, is currently available to all SmartCART users as an optional view. This streamlined and updated toolbar view, will be the only option for viewing SmartCART effective January 2014. In addition, this change will enhance the user experience on tablets and mobile devices. In preparation of this change, please review the screen shots below. You will see how to go into your settings and implement the updated interface. You may choose to toggle back and forth between the two modes while you get acclimated to the updates. Our office is recommending that by Monday December 2, only the new Phoenix interface is used, to prepare for January 2014, when that will be the only interface available. We will be offering a couple of townhall sessions next week to demonstrate the new interface and how to change your individual view Tues. Nov. 19th and Thurs. Nov. 21 both at the Ford Auditorium in the Allen Library starting at 1:30pm. Any questions? Please contact

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SmartCART Phoenix User Interface Directions

Follow these directions to try out the new Phoenix User Interface for SmartCART:

Log into SmartCART and click on profile to the far right of the top menu. The User Settings tab should be selected by default then click on Personal Settings. Next find User Interface Style
Change profile to Phoenix Picture

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Changing User Interface Style to Phoenix

Click on the drop down box that says Classic and change it to Phoenix. Click the Save button.
User Interface Style Picture

How to Change back to Classic View

Click on the triangle next to your name on the top right. Click on View My Profile, then click on Language, Time Zone, and Display Settings.

How to change back to Classic

Next, find User Interface Style half way down the menu and click on the drop down box that says Phoenix, change it to Classic, and hit the Save button below.

Change back to Pheonix Picture 2

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SmartCART Vendors

sc bullet AG Print Promo New! sc bullet Life Technologies
sc bullet Airgas sc bullet LPS
sc bullet Apple Computers New! sc bullet McMaster Carr
sc bullet BD Biosciences sc bullet MCPc
sc bullet BioExpress sc bullet National Gift Card New!
sc bullet Bio-Rad Laboratories sc bullet OfficeMax
sc bullet CDW-G sc bullet Qiagen
sc bullet Dell sc bullet R&D Systems
sc bullet Denville Scientific sc bullet Roche
sc bullet Dot Scientific sc bullet Sigma Aldrich
sc bullet Fisher Scientific sc bullet Steelcase
sc bullet Fisher Stockroom sc bullet TLC Springwater
sc bullet GovConnection sc bullet VWR International
sc bullet Grainger sc bullet XpedX
sc bullet Henry Schein Life Tech. - Supply Center
Coming Soon!
Beckman Coulter
Coming Soon!
Roche Freezer
Coming Soon!
Quez Media
Coming Soon!
B&H Photo

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