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How We Pay

How CWRU Pays: Three Ways

Payment for goods or services can be made in one of three ways:

  1. Payment Request (for payment made to Individuals ONLY):
    • Direct Deposit:
      • Travel Advance;
      • Travel Reimbursement;
      • T&E Card (paid by cardholder);
      • Immigration Services & Inspection Fees;
      • Postage (small department charges);
      • Insurance (Controller's Office and Finance & Administration
    • Check, mailed to address on file:
      • Honoraria;
      • Research Participants;
      • Cash Awards & Prizes (to non-university employees).
    • Check, for pick-up at Cashier's Office:
      • Petty Cash;
      • Scholarships to Students.
  2. PCard and DCard (directly billed to and paid by Accounts Payable)
  3. Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order.
    • The end user requests an order by generating a requisition
    • After approvals as needed, a PO is generated by purchasing and sent to the vendor
    • If the purchase is over $5000, when the order is received the PO must be received in PeopleSoft by the user who created the requisition.
    • The vendor sends an invoice including the PO number to Accounts Payable
      • Invoices should be emailed to
      • If the vendor is enabled in SmartCART, the invoice should be sent electronically through SmartCART
    • Check, ACH or Credit Card payment is processed and payment is sent to the vendor

Additional Information

For additional information regarding how to pay or the status of payment please contact