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Human Capital Management

Phase Two of the ERP Project implemented the Human Capital Management (HCM) software. HCM encompasses HR Records, Time Reporting, Benefits and Payroll.

Changes in Payroll Processing, Time and Attendance Tracking, and Management of Personal Benefits Information
After a smooth roll out of the PeopleSoft Financial modules in July 2004, Case continued progress toward environmentally friendly paperless processing of core university functions. These changes offer significant savings to the university as well as improved functionality for all faculty, staff and student workers. PeopleSoft’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system, the next phase of the comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, went live on January 4, 2005. Following is an overview of the changes and actions required by all university faculty, staff and student employees:

All university-issued paychecks will be directly deposited into the bank accounts of all faculty and staff employees. Starting in January 2005, Case no longer issued hard copies of paychecks or direct deposit advices (proof of deposit). All employees are able to deposit in up to five separate accounts.

Students choosing not to take advantage of Case's preferred method of direct deposit are able to receive a check. Students electing to continue receiving a paper pay check will need to pick up the check in the Office of Student Employment located in Yost Hall, room 410A.

Access to pay advices (pay stub information) will be electronic only. In an effort to reduce paper waste and ensure timely access to pay stub information, all faculty, staff and student workers are able to access their payroll information online from any location. Faculty, staff and student employees will use their Case Network ID and password to ensure secure access.

Discretionary and income protection time tracking will be electronic only. Tracking of discretionary and income protection time for all staff, as well as supervisor sign off, are done online via the HCM System.

Weekly and bi-weekly timesheet processing will be electronic only. All timesheets and timesheet approval are completed online for both non-exempt employees and student workers. There are no more blue cards or yellow/green hard copy timesheets.

Employee-specific benefits information will be available online. Using your network ID and password, you are able to check the specifics of your benefits selections online, including health and life insurance information. During the open enrollment period in November you will also be able to make your elections online in the HCM System.

Employee-specific personal information will be available online. Using your Case network ID and password, you are able to review and change key pieces of information (e.g., phone numbers, email and mailing addresses) online using the HCM System.

I have access to the HCM System, but don't know where to go.

Please use the Quick Reference Guides to help you navigate each of the screens within HCM. If you have further questions contact