Health Advocacy


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The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women employs a full time Health Advocate who is available for brief confidentiall counseling to all students on campus.



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As part of the Health Advocacy programming, the Center is active in campus-wide events such as "Take Back the Night" during April - National Sexual Awareness Month, and "Purple Night Lights" during October - National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The SAVE student group plans awareness and advocacy events on campus throughout the year. The program also offers workshops and seminars to campus groups and including residence halls, Greek Life, and other organizations.


Sexual Conduct

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The Health Advocate is the Chair of the Sexual Conduct Committee which reviews policies and procedures on campus related to sexual assault and sexual harassment. She can provide confidential consultation to students seeking guidance about sexual conduct policies and procedures. She completed a Title IX Investigator Training School at the College of Wooster in June 2013.


The Sexual Conduct Committee was formed as a task force in May 2005, and members represent a variety of campus organizations with responsibilities that touch on some aspect of sexual conduct. It advocates for a safe campus, where ethical relationships and mutual respect among students, faculty, and staff are expected and encouraged. For more information on sexual conduct policies visit: the website



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This website lists information on a variety of resources including campus health services, local health services, hotlines, iphone apps , and web based information that are of interest particularly to women on campus.

About the Student Advocate and Counselor


The Center for Women is currently hiring for the Student Advocate and Counselor position. To apply, click here.