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Welcome to the Provost's Department Chairs and Academic Leadership website. Here you will find resources to help enhance your leadership skills, improve the day-to-day management of your department, and opportunities to expand your network of contacts within the university for ongoing problem solving, support, and information sharing.

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Chair Leadership Forums [+]

New Department Chair Orientations [+]

  • 08/30/10 - Agenda / Presentation
  • 02/08/10 - Agenda / Presentation

Provost’s Annual Leadership Retreat for Deans and Chairs [+]

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Department Chairs (2011-12)

College of Arts and Sciences [+]

Faculty Member Post Department Email
Lawrence Greksa  Chair Anthropology
Catherine Scallen Chair Art History and Art
R. Earle Luck  Acting Chair Astronomy
Christopher Cullis  Chair Biology
Mary D. Barkley Chair Chemistry 
Paul Iversen Acting Chair Classics
Todd Oakley Chair Cognitive Science
Karen Potter Chair Dance (est 2010)
Mary Grimm  Chair English
Gerald Matisoff Chair Earth, Planetary, and Environmental Sciences
Jonathan Sadowsky Chair History
Daniela Calvetti  Chair Mathematics
Antonio Candau Chair Modern Languages & Literatures
Ross Duffin Interim Chair Music
Laura Hengehold Chair Philosophy
Kathleen Kash Chair Physics
Joseph White Chair Political Science
Lee Thompson Chair Psychological Sciences
Peter J. Haas Chair Religious Studies
Dale Dannefer Chair Sociology
Jill Korbin Interim Chair Statistics
Ron Wilson Chair Theater
Cyrus C. Taylor Dean Dean - Arts & Sciences


Case School of Engineering [+]

Faculty Member Post Department Email
J. Iwan D. Alexander Chair Mechanical & Aerospace
Michael Branicky Chair EECS
Jeffrey Duerk Dean Dean of Engineering
Robert Kirsch Interim Chair Biomedical Engineering
Uziel Landau Chair Chemical Engineering
James McGuffin-Cawley Chair Materials Science
David A. Schiraldi Chair Macromolecular Science
Xiangwu (David) Zeng Chair Civil Engineering

School of Dental Medicine [+]

Faculty Member Post Department Email
Dale Baur Chair Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Nabil Bissada Chair Periodontics
Gerald Ferretti Chair Pediatric Dentistry
Jerold Goldberg Dean Dean - Dental Medicine
Mark Hans Chair Orthodontics
Stanley Hirsch Acting Chair Oral Pathology
Lisa A. Lang Chair Comprehensive Care
James Lalumandier Chair Community Dentistry
Andre K. Mickel Chair Endodontics
Danny Sawyer Chair Oral Diagnosis & Radiology
Aaron Weinberg Chair Dental - Bio-Sciences


Weatherhead School of Management [+]

Faculty Member Post Department Email
Gary Previts   Chair Accountancy
Anurag Gupta  Chair Banking and Finance
Matthew Sobel   Chair Economics
Richard Boland  Chair Information Systems
Jagdip Singh  Chair Marketing and Policy Studies
Kamlesh Mathur  Chair Operations
Ronald Fry  Chair Organizational Behavior
Rob Widing  Dean Dean - WSOM


School of Medicine - Basic Sciences [+]

Faculty Member Post Department Email
  Open Anatomy      
Michael Weiss   Chair Biochemistry
Stuart Youngner Chair Bioethics
Dorr Dearborn Chair Environmental Health Sciences
Robert Elston  Chair Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Pamela B. Davis (Dean) Chair General Medical Sciences (Div.)
Mitchell Drumm Interim Genetics and Genome Sciences
Jonathan Karn Chair Molecular Biology & Microbiology
Paul DiCorleto Chair Molecular Medicine (CCLCM)
Lynn Landmesser Chair Neurosciences
Henri Brunengraber Chair Nutrition
Clifford Harding Chair Pathology
Krzysztof Palczewski  Chair Pharmacology
Walter Boron  Chair Physiology & Biophysics

School of Medicine - Clinical [+]

Faculty Member Post Department Email
Howard Nearman Chair Anesthesiology (UH)
David L. Brown Chair Anesthesiology (CCLCM)
Tejbir Sidhu Chair Anesthesiology (MHMC)
Steven Somach Interim Dermatology (MHMC)
Kevin Cooper Chair Dermatology (UH)
Charles Emerman Chair Emergency Medicine (MHMC)
Edward Michelson Chair Emergency Medicine (UH)
George Kikano Chair Family Medicine
John M. Hickner Chair Family Medicine and Community Health (CCLCM)
Christine Alexander Interim Family Medicine (MHMC)
Richard Walsh Chair Medicine (UH)
Brian Mandell Chair Medicine (CCLCM)
M. Michael Wolfe   Chair Medicine (MHMC)
Warren Selman Chair Neurological Surgery
Joseph Hanna Chair Neurology (MHMC)
Anthony Furlan Chair Neurology (UH)
Jonathan Lass  Chair Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences (UH)
Randall Marcus  Chair Orthopaedics
Daniel Cooperman  Interim Orthopaedics (MHMC)
Cliff Megerian Chair Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery
Joseph Carter Chair Otolaryngology (MHMC)
Joseph Thomashefski Chair Pathology (MHMC)
Kandice Kottke Marchant Chair Pathology CCLCM
Nazha Abughali, Interim Pediatrics (MHMC)
Michael Konstan  Chair Pediatrics (UH)
Robert Wyllie Chair Pediatrics CCLCM
Gary Clark Chair Physical Med & Rehab
Bahman Guyuron  Chair Plastic Surgery
Robert Ronis Chair Psychiatry
Ewald Horwath Chair Psychiatry (MHMC)
Mitchell Machtay Chair Radiation Oncology
Robert D Ferguson  Chair Radiology (MHMC) 
Pablo Ros  Chair Radiology (UH)
Gregory Borkowski Chair Radiology CCLCM
James Liu Chair Reproductive Biology (UH) 
Brian Mercer Chair Reproductive Biology (MHMC) 
Christopher Brandt Chair Surgery (MHMC)
Jeffrey Ponsky Chair Surgery (UH)
John Fung Chair Surgery CCLCM
Firouz Daneshgari  Chair Urology
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Additional Resources

Executive Coaching for Department Chairs and Administrative Leaders [+]

    The University provides executive coaching to all new department chairs in the university. The objectives of the Executive Coaching for Department Chairs Initiative are to provide leadership development inputs, promote improved academic workplace cultures, and enhance overall recruitment, retention, and development of faculty. Each executive coach is a professional who has general academic and organizational experience and provides leadership, performance and career-related advice. Coaches help the participants determine their leadership vision, goals, plans, and actions. They give advice, resources, and feedback on how to best accomplish the identified vision.

    In addition the University provides Hotline Coaching to continuing department chairs and faculty facing unique opportunities and challenges. Hotline coaching enables participants to receive short, quick-turnaround coaching from a professional coach to help them to address and resolve a specific issue, opportunity or problem.

    For information on the executive coaching and hotline coaching initiatives, please contact the office of the Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs; Phone: (216) 368-4389 / Fax: (216) 368-4325.


New and Promoted Faculty Resources [+]

National Resources/Programs for Leadership Development [+]

Recommended Readings [+]


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