Providing key resources across the University to

strengthen the quality of life for all faculty members


Office of Faculty Development

The mission of the Office of Faculty Development is to provide key resources across the University to strengthen the recruitment, advancement, retention, and quality of life for all faculty members at CWRU.

The vision for the office is to leverage opportunities by partnering with Faculty Development Deans, key administrators and offices university-wide to facilitate coordination and tailor strategies, development plans and School/College programming that engages faculty at all career stages in career development and promotes community building.

The Office of Faculty Development will execute its mission through the following areas:

  • Information dissemination;
  • Programming created to facilitate career enhancement in partnership with other University Offices;
  • Partner/Spouse services by establishing systems to facilitate and encourage greater cooperation between Northeast Ohio Colleges, Universities and industry partners to promote partner hiring
  • Faculty Career Development

    At each stage of a faculty members career, new skills and experiences make your career fulfilling and develop new pathways. Here you will find information on programs and resources for research, teaching and leadership development.

    Faculty Resources

    This section lists affinity groups for networking and support including the Newcomers Group which welcomes new members of the faculty and administration to the CWRU community. Links to research, reports on faculty climate, institutional development and academic leadership are also found here.

    Faculty Life at CWRU

    Faculty are the core of our institution. This section includes policies and procedures — and prizes — that influence your faculty experience at CWRU.