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  1. Name
    1. The official name of this journal shall be Discussions: The Undergraduate Research Journal of Case Western Reserve University.

  2. Purpose
    1. To provide a peer-reviewed research journal to the undergraduate community of Case Western Reserve University and elsewhere.
    2. To provide review articles to the undergraduate community of CWRU and elsewhere.
    3. To publish and distribute at least two issues per year.
    4. To promote academic dialogue within the student body and to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to publish their scholarly work from any field of study.

  3. Journal
    1. Discussions journal will consist of the following parts:
      1. Cover, table of contents, editor’s note (written by the Editor-in-Chief), and appropriate acknowledgements.
      2. Research Articles: Articles presenting novel research. These articles will be collected through submissions to Discussions.
      3. Review Articles: These articles will be similar to the articles previously published by Engineering and Science Review. The authors will be contracted by Discussions.
      4. Human interest and interview articles to explore research occurring on the CWRU campus

  4. Membership
    1. The staff shall be comprised of undergraduate students and be directed by the Editorial Board.
    2. The Editorial Board officer positions shall be comprised of Undergraduate students and are as follows: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Director of Content, Director of Finance, Director of Public Relations, Assistant Director of Marketing and Design, Assistant Director of Distribution, Assistant Director of Advertising, Assistant Director of Internal Affairs and Director of Information.
    3. Most Editorial Board positions shall have an Assistant Director who will attend Editorial Board meetings. Their jobs will be to assist and learn from their respective Editorial Board members.
    4. Each Assistant Director will have a equal vote during Editorial Board Meetings
    5. Contract writers, copy editors, reviewers and other team members are part of the Discussions membership, and will be invited to attend general-body meetings.

  5. Duties of Directors
    1. Editor-in-Chief
      1. Oversee the general production of paper and allocate duties to directors and committees
      2. Organizes and presides over meetings
      3. Meet with the advisor as deemed appropriate
      4. Must have one previous year of experience with Discussions editorial board
    2. Managing Editor
      1. Designs the overall appearance of the journal in a timely manner, as directed by the Editor-in-Chief.
      2. Collaborates with article authors to provide graphics and visual improvements for each article.
      3. Must have one year of experience with Discussions, but can be amended by the approval of the majority of Editorial Board members.
    3. Director of Content
      1. Oversee and manage the Copy Editors.
      2. Collaborates with the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor to ensure proper editing of all official documents.
      3. Must have one year of experience with Discussions copy editors, but can be amended by the approval of the majority of Editorial Board members.
    4. Director of Finance
      1. Oversee spending/balances credit and expenditures.
      2. Write budget annually.
      3. Obtain funding for Discussions each year, with aid of other officers or journal members if necessary.
      4. Attend all Media Board meeting, and meet with the Advisor of Media Board on a regular basis.
      5. Must have one year of experience with Discussions, but can be amended by the approval of the majority of Editorial Board members.
    5. Assistant Director of Internal Affairs
      1. Work under the direction and guidance of the Director of Finance
      2. Take detailed minutes of every Discussions meeting and make them available to all members in a timely manner.
      3. Coordinate and purchase different caterers in order to supply food to appropriate meetings.
      4. Send reminders to General Body and Editorial Board as directed by the Editor-in-Chief.
      5. Perform all purchases and budgetary request from any director
    6. Director of Public Relations
      1. Preside over Assistant Director of Marketing and Design, Assistant Director of Advertising and the Assistant Director of Distribution.
      2. Organize advertising of submission deadlines, any events organized by the journal, and the final publication and distribution of the journal in a timely and organized manner.
      3. Create promotional events and items, as to enhance the public relations of Discussions.
      4. Collaborate with other student organizations for co-sponsorship.
      5. Seek out partnerships and advertisers within CWRU and with companies abroad
      6. Responsible for overseeing the Marketing committee (see Article XI).
    7. Assistant Director of Marketing and Design
      1. Work under the direction of the Director of Public Relations.
      2. Responsible for the marketing of Discussions to Case Western Reserve University
      3. Creates various flyers, banners, posters, etc. that are necessary for the proper recruitment of members and submissions
    8. Assistant Director of Distribution
      1. Work under the direction of the Director of Public Relations
      2. Responsible for the proper distribution of Discussions journals and other memorabilia (pens, highlighters, flyers).
      3. Responsible for creating the distribution plan for flyers and other forms of advertising at CWRU and abroad
      4. Responsible for overseeing the Distribution committee (See Article XI)
    9. Assistant Director of Advertising
      1. Work under the direction of the Director of Public Relations
      2. Procure advertisements from business found adequate by a majority of the board
      3. Pursue new avenues for Discussions to advertise
    10. Director of Information
      1. Regularly update Discussions website.
      2. Regularly update Discussions Facebook page.
      3. In charge of creating an attractive and functionally designed website.
      4. Archives the published articles and journals in a timely manner.

  6. Contracted Employees
    1. Will be hired and paid by Discussions to investigate and write human interest pieces relevant to research, whether creative or scholarly
    2. Must be an undergraduate student pursuing a degree
    3. Their work, if deemed acceptable by Editor in Chief, will be published in Discussions along with the research articles

  7. Copy Editors
    1. Work under the direction of the Director of Editing.
    2. Must complete an edit of a paper with the utmost quality and timeliness, as determined by the Director of Editing.
    3. Copy editors will be paid, unless no finances can be obtained to do so.

  8. Reviewers
    1. Work under the direction of the Editorial Board
    2. Review and score several submitted articles per semester
    3. Must attend Review Meetings

  9. Advisor
    1. An advisor shall be appointed from the University Faculty/Staff and be approved by the Editorial Board
    2. The advisor shall oversee the publication of the journal and attend Editorial Board meetings on a frequent basis

  10. Meetings
    1. Various types of meetings shall be held, as listed below:
      1. Editorial Board (biweekly)
      2. General Body (as per the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief)
      3. Beginning of the year General Interest (annually)
      4. Research Paper Review
      5. Election (annually)
      6. Vote of Approval (every semester)

  11. Committees
    1. Discussions will be comprised of numerous committees including: Editorial Board, Review, Distribution, Marketing, Design, and Copy Editing.
    2. The Editorial Board Committee shall oversee the production of the journal and shall have authority over the other committees
    3. The Review Committee shall review each submitted article and present their findings. The three Directors of Review will train them in proper review technique.
    4. The Marketing Committee shall be in charge of publicizing submission dates for the paper, any events organized by the journal, and the final production of the journal
    5. The Distribution Committee shall be responsible for the distribution of the journal
    6. The Design Committee shall be educated on the intricacies of journal and marketing design and perform tasks accordingly
    7. The Copy Editing Committee shall be educated on the intricacies of Discussions style copyediting and will edit on contract.

  12. Financial
    1. It shall be the duty of the Director of Finance to maintain orderly financial records and ensure financing of Discussions each year

  13. Stipends
    1. Stipends will be recalculated on a yearly basis depending on the amount of funds available to Discussions
    2. All Directors will receive an equal stipend. Assistant Directors will receive equal stipends equally half as much as that of the Directors.
    3. Contracts may be distributed to any Discussions member, per the Media Board budget and a majority vote of the Editorial Board.
    4. Financial incentives may also be given at any time to any member with a majority vote of the Editorial Board.

  14. Elections
    1. Editorial Board elections shall be held in the month of April. Terms will last for the School Year (April - April)
    2. Letters of intent must be submitted
    3. Elections are open to all members of Discussions (see membership above)
    4. Voting will be performed via a closed ballet and read by a neutral party. Winners will be determined by highest percentage of votes
      1. Editorial board received 50% voting power
      2. General Body receives 50% voting power
    5. The time between April and May will be used as a transition period where the current Editorial Board member will train the incoming Editorial Board Member
    6. The following positions require one year of previous active membership in Discussions: Editor-in-Chief, Director of Finance, Managing Editor, and Director of Editing
    7. The Director of Editing position requires 1 year of Copy Edit experience unless the Editorial Board votes otherwise
    8. The Editor-in-Chief position requires one term on the Editorial Board, unless the Board votes otherwise.
    9. Only members (as described in Article IV) may run for positions and vote in elections.
    10. If the Editor-in-Chief or any Director leaves, then the Editorial Board shall convene and fulfil the vacated position.
    11. If for some reason, the Editorial Board finds it necessary to dismiss a member of the Editorial Board, they may do so with a vote of two-thirds majority.