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5 Things to Know About Finding a Research Position on Campus

1. Learn about what’s happening on and around campus:

  • Faculty want you to take the initiative to learn what their research areas are. SOURCE has provided links (linked under opportunities) to all the faculty research profiles.
  • Review the faculty research profiles, and identify faculty in whose work you have interest and contact them. Typically students will contact (usually by email) 8-10 faculty at one time (but individually).
  • In this email, you will want to communicate your interest in their research, and if you are seeking research as a volunteer, or for pay, or for course credit. You also will want to communicate how many hours per week you want to work (e.g. 5-7, 6-8, etc.) If you are a work-study student, you will want to communicate that while you are willing to volunteer, you have work-study, so you would prefer a paid position.  Attached a resume…and if you have not visited the Career Center for a resume review, please do so.

2. Faculty Postings:
Occasionally, faculty will post openings through SOURCE. We will link these specifically from the SOURCE home page when they exist.

3. Faculty:
Faculty are a great resource for learning about research (their own as well as the department) and potential research mentors.

4. Friends:
CWRU has an undergraduate research culture, so many of your friends may know when something is coming open in their own labs.

5. The SOURCE office:
Part of our job really is to inform you how to get connected to research positions on campus.

Looking for Off Campus Research Opportunities?

Off campus summer opportunities are numerous. Be mindful of deadlines, which mostly are between mid-January and mid-March. Do not limit yourself to just the section you feel you fall under. Many STEM (Science, Technology, Enginnering, Math) programs also have programs for non-STEM students. Please look over the entire list located here: Off Campus Internships.

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Congratulations to Matthew Wade and Benjamin Resnick who both received SURF awards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology!