Congratulations to the 2012 SOURCE Summer Funding Recipients

Mohiuddin Ahmed, Biology, Identification of domain that promotes Nav 1.5 trafficking to the cell surface, Qiuyun Chen, Department of Cardiology

Amanda Albrecht, Biology, Implication of iso[4]LGE2 Protein Adducts in Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis, Robert Salomon, Department of Chemistry

Jingning Ao, Chemistry, Chronic intermittent hypoxia preceding sustained hypoxia causes oxidative stress and impairs development of neonatal respiratory control, Peter MacFarlane, Department of Pediatrics

Zachary Arace, Economics, Gendered Recruitment in Parliaments and Cabinets, Karen Beckwith, Department of Political Science

Aram Aslanian-Persico, Aerospace Engineering, Rayleigh-Tayor Instability Using Magnetic Levitation, Charles Rosenblatt, Department of Physics

Ashlei  Beiswenger, Biomedical Engineering, Quantifying Factors Behind Poor In vitro-In vivo Correlation of Drug Release from In Situ Forming Polymer Implants Using Ultrasound Imaging, Agata Exner, Department of Radiology and BME

Lauren (Paige) Brown, Psycology, Spirituality and the effects on relapse prevention for adolescents with substance dependent use disorders, Lee Thompson, Department of Psychology

Anthony Castellaneta, Math, Philosophy of Mathematics in Ancient Indian Traditions, Deepak Sharma, Department of Religion

Parker  Castleberry, Biology, Characterizing Water-Rock Interactions in a Simulated Martian Aquifer, Ralph Harvey, Department of Geology

Kevin   Chiou, Macromolecular Engineering, Development of Advanced Nanoscale Polybenzoxazine Based Core-Shell Phase-Change Material for Optimal Energy Storage, Hatsuo Ishida, Department of Macromolecular Engineering

David Chrzanowski, Mechanical Engineering, Practicality of Consumer GPS Technology for Positioning of Autonomous Lawnmower, Roger Quinn, Department of Macromolecular Engineering

Steven Cramer, Physics, Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Debugging in Computer Programming, Chris Fietkiewicz, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Kathryn D'Angelo, Nursing, Understanding Common Trends of Gratitude of Patients and Caregivers Affected by Cancer, Maryjo Prince-Paul, Department of Nursing

Christine DeBaz, Biology, Targeting Inaccessible Brain Tumor Cell Lines with a Unique Viral Nanoparicle Delivery Vehicle, Nicole  Steinmetz, Department of Biomedical Engineering

John Edelbrock, Macromolecular Engineering, Synthesis and Release Studies of Polymer Protein Conjugates, Jonathan Pokorski, Department of Macromolecular Engineering

Timothy Filla, Political Science, Currency Interdependence and War, Elliot Posner, Department of political science

Jared Friedman, Cognitive Science, Intelligence, empathy, and religious/spiritual beliefs: How much would the doctor prescribe?, Tony Jack, Department of Cognitive Science

Mihika Gangolli, Biomedical Engineering, Ultrasound Induced Cavitation of Pluronic Nanobubbles: Studying the Release and Uptake of Pluronic Using an In Vitro Cell Culture Model, Agata Exner, Department of Radiology

Sarah Gleeson, Biomedical Engineering, Behavior of Ultrasound Contrast Agents in a Tissue Phantom, Agata Exner, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Ashley Han, Biology, The Role of Prion Proten in Amyloid-β-Induced Microgliosis in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, Lee Hyoung-Gon, Department of Pathology

Wyatt  Hoch, Biology, Protocolized Care for Early Septic Shock (ProCESS), Vicken Totten,  Department of emergency medicine

Marqell Jackson, Nursing, Prevalence of Skin to Skin Care in the NICU, Susan Ludington, Department of Nursing

Colin   Jaye, Macromolecular Engineering, Multifunctional Stimuli-Response Material, Stuart Rowan, Department of Macromolecular Engineering

Joseph Kachovec, Economics, City Land Development and City Flood Risk, Justin Gallagher, Department of Economics

Lijia Liu, Computer Engineering, Mathematical modeling of human physiology for glycaemia control with applications to diabetes, David Gurarie, Department of Math

Quyen Luong, Biomedical Engineering, Nanofibers from Coalescent Assembly of Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Vascular Tissue Engineering, Junmin Zhu, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Megha Maitra, Psycology, From Games to Songs: The Therapeutic Effects of Computer Games and Music on Aphasic Patients, TJ McCallum, Department of Psychology

Aaron Mayer, Biomedical Engineering, Magnetic Particle Imaging Device for use in Early Cancer Detection, Efstathios Karathanasis, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Christopher Mosher, Biomedical Engineering, Injectable Hydrogels for Delivery of siRNA to Cells, Eben    Alsberg, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Larry Muhlstein, Computer Science, The Importance of Spike Time Reliability in Computer Models of Memory, Chris Fietkiewicz, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Julia O'Brien,   Nursing, Adherence to Sickle Cell Anemia Medications in a Sample of Greater Cleveland Population, Polly Mazanec, Department of Nursing

Youngmin Park, Applied Mathematics, Analysis of the Phase Response of the Morris-Lecar System, Peter Thomas, Department of Math

Grant Pignatiello, Nursing, Assessing Patient Exposure to Transport, Andrew Reimer, Department of Nursing

Lusai Qiu, Sociology, Role of Cdc42 in hair cell development, Brian McDermott, Department of Biology

Lauren Randolph, Biomedical Engineering, Targeting cells in vitro using engineered tobacco mosaic virus nanoparticles, Nicole Steinmetz, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Srijita Sarkar, Biomedical Engineering, Quantitative Comparison of Gated and Real-Time Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nicole Seiberlich, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Anton  Spencer, Biomedical Engineering, Characterization of Heat Stability of Poly Lactic Acid Nanoparticles, Erin Lavik, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Garrett Sprague, Biology, Using Proteomics to discover anti-incretin factors responsible for type 2 diabetes pathogenesis obese rats, John Kirwan, Department of Biology

Andrew Sylvester, Biomedical Engineering, Targeted nanoparticulate delivery of hyaluronan (HA-o) for elastic matrix regeneration for elastic matrix regeneration in abdominal aortic aneuysms (AAAs), Anand  Ramamurthi, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Jason Tabachnik, Mathematics and Physics, Exploring the Duality between Fluid Dynamics and Gravity, Andrew Tolley, Department of Physics

Meghan Thommes, Biomedical Engineering, Development of Non-Invasive Brain-Machine-Interfaces for Control of Virtual Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Arm Model, Ajiboye Abidemi Bolu, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Connor Toomey, Biology, Extraction and isolation of Celestrol from Tripterygium wilfordii as a Potential Anticancer Compound, Gregory Tochtrop, Department of Chemistry

Peter Vicente, Biomedical Engineering, Image Guided Drug Delivery of Liposomal Drugs, Efstathios Karathanasis, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Hillary Wheelock, Theater, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art's Contemporary Drama Summer School, Catherine Albers, Department of Theater

Matthew Wollerman,   Computer Science, Virus Sequence Data Analysis, Jing Li Department of  Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Larry Wu, Biomedical Engineering, Delivery of Tris(bipyridine)ruthenium with to Retinal Ganglia, Erin Lavik, Department of Biomedical Engineering