Congratulations to the 2013 SOURCE Summer Funding Recipients

Diana Acosta [Biomedical Engineering] with Roger French [Materials Science & Engineering] - Analyzing Second Virial Coefficients of Oligonucleotides

Brittany Bishop [Chemical Engineering] with Mohan Sankaran [Chemical Engineering] - Plasma Induced Creation of Nano-particles

Julia Blanchette [Nursing] with Rebecca Darrah [Nursing General Operating] - Aquaporin Gene Expression of Cystic Fibrosis Placenta

Morgan Bolger [Biomedical Engineering] with Erin Lavik [Biomedical Engineering] - Histological Effectiveness of Polymeric Nanoparticles on Lesion Volume and Glial Scarring

Hillary Bunnelle [Mechanical Engineering] with Roger Quinn [Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering] - Testing Gecko-Like Adhesives on the Climbing Mini-Whegs™ Robot

Paul Chariou [Biomedical Engineering] with Nicole Steinmetz [SOM Biomedical Engineering] - PVX-0488-GE11 as a platform for Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy

Dana Coleman [Biology] with Mark Willis [Biology] - Study of Unilateral Antennectomy on the Tracking Abilities of Male Manduca Sexta

Olivia Dahm [Chemical Engineering] with Donald Feke [Chemical Engineering] - Understanding Crystallization Using Ultrasonic Frequencies

Neha Dwivedi [Biomedical Engineering] with Eben Alsberg [Biomedical Engineering] - Bone formation via endochondral ossification within high density hMSC aggregates

Monika Goss [Biomedical Engineering] with Agata Exner [Radiology] - Ultrasound Elastography as a Quantitative Technique for Observation of Polymer Degradation in Vivo

Matthew Hadiono [Systems Biology] with Daniel Popkin [Dermatology] - Analysis of Persistent Viral Infection in Mice with Conditional Deletion of the Site-1

Mitchell Haynes [Electrical Engineering] with Mingguo Hong [Electrical Engineering & Computer Science] - Interconnection Study for Photovoltaic Cells on the Case Western Reserve University

Carter Heinert [Chemical Engineering] with Heidi Martin [Chemical Engineering] - Development of the Next-Generation of Diamond-on-Polymer Electrodes

Jessica Herringer [Computer Science] with Chris Fietkiewicz [Electrical Engineering & Computer Science] - Computer Model of Respiration

Virginia Ju [Nursing] with Amy Zhang [Nursing General Operating] - Factors That Affect Social Support of Depressed African American Cancer Patients

Bradley Lai [Biomedical Engineering] with Eben Alsberg [Biomedical Engineering] - Development of Replacement Articular Cartilage in Conjunction with External Stimulation

Dishen (Aaron) Lin [Biomedical Engineering] with Efstathios Karathanasis [SOM Biomedical Engineering] - Effect of ethyl nitrite liposomes on radiation therapy

Yehe Liu [Biomedical Engineering] with Steven Eppell [Biomedical Engineering] - Collagen Fibril Extraction from Mammalian Tendons

Sara Lynch [Communication Sciences] with Jennell Vick [Psychological Sciences] - Speech Motor Control in Children with Residual Speech Sound Errors