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Also check: Lerner Research Institute at Cleveland Clinic, Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, MetroHealth Medical Center (Rammelkamp Center for Education and Research).

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Claudia Nieuwoudt '12

[Biology Major, Chemistry & French Minor] Project Title: The Effect of Procaine Injections in the Central Complex on Cockroach Behavior.

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Kaitlyn Roudebush '13

[Nursing Major] I worked on designing a behavioral intervention that can reduce obesity and improve health habits of middle school students. Data obtained from focus groups showed healthy living is perceived differently by boys and girls, with boys focusing more on role models, and performance goals and girls motivated by team participation, training for an event, or having someone to be active with.

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Michael Kottman '12

[Material Science and Engineering Major] My research explored a novel method of electronic waste recycling that used concentrated sunlight to melt the waste in order to extract valuable materials from the waste, instead of the energy-intensive melting and refining processes employed in developed countries. Pursuing this research taught me an incredible amount about the application of theories from the classroom and allowed me to greatly develop my communication skills, by both presenting within the program and at the 1st World Congress on Integrated Computational Material Engineering. The program has undoubtedly been my most influential academic experience, and solidified my interest in pursuing a Ph.D. next year.


Irina Yakubenko '14

[Political Science Major] I interned at the government relations office at University Hospitals for their lobbyists. My days consisted of scheduling tours for government officials, following bills in the senate and house, researching and putting together an application to designate UH clinics as health professional shortage areas and attending regular advocacy meetings on behalf of the hospital. I got to experience first-hand how much advocacy affects the entire government system; staring from a hospital, all the way into Congress.


Sabina Kumar '14

[Biomedical Enginnering Major] Project title: AWARE (AWAreness during Resuscitation); Research Location: University Hospitals Emergency Room.


James Maloy '13

[Biochemistry Major] My experience in the Weiss Lab has been excellent so far. Not only have I mastered the techniques that were explicitly necessary for the work on my project, but I also was able to learn about other techniques and research that was happening in the lab. My experience with this project has helped me personally and professionally.

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Emily Sparks '12

[History Major] Project: Climate Change and renewable Energy: Parallel Policies?