Upcoming Seminars

Spring 2017 All About Finding Undergraduate Research Seminars - attend one that fits your schedule!

3/1/17, 3:30pm, Sears Library 350
3/8/17, 3:30pm, Sears Library 350
3/22/17, 3:30pm, Sears Library 350
4/5/17, 3:30pm, Sears Library 350
4/13/17, 4pm, Nord 400
4/19/17, 3:30pm, Sears Library 350
4/27/17, 4pm, Nord 400

All About Research Abroad

3/27/17, 4:45pm, Tomlinson 135

Responsible Conduct of Research Seminar Series Information and Dates

Humans and Animals, 3/23/17, 4pm, Sears 670, (rsvp to: bethany.pope@case.edu)
Lab Safety, 4/6/17, 4pm, Sears 670, (rsvp to: bethany.pope@case.edu)

Seminars to prepare for Intersections, Research ShowCASE and the Celebration of Student Writing and Research!

How to Make a Poster - Ann Holstein, KSL Librarian
4/5/17, 3:20pm, KSL (Registration required.)
4/10/17, 4pm, Sears Library 480 (No registration required)

Presenting Your Research - Developing and Elevator Speech (sponsored by the Writing Resource Center)
Presented by: Drs. Bill Doll and Sarah DeSwart

How to Present - Jennifer DeSantis, ESS Assistant Director
4/18/17, 4pm, Sears Library 451


Previous Seminars Powerpoint Information

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Summer Research and Scholarship in the Humanities

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All About Finding Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Opportunities

Research Abroad

Lost in Translation: What Employers Are Really Asking and How to Give Them What They're Looking For (Career Center Presentation on 7/6/13)

The Graduate School Admission Process 10-16 (Dr. Ina Martin and Dr. Emily Pentzer)

Medical School Admission Process (Dr. Lina Mehta, Associate Dean for Admissions, SOM)

How To Make A Poster (Ann Holstein, GIS System Coordinator and Librarian, KSL)

Oral and Poster Presentation Skills Handout, ESS

Improving Presentation Skills Powerpoint Presentation, ESS