All undergraduate students at Case Western Reserve University who are continuing as undergraduates at Case in Fall 2014 are eligible to apply for SOURCE summer funding. Award recipients must be registered for fall classes prior to beginning the summer project. Projects must be completed at Case, and/or be under the supervision of a Case faculty member. To this extent, students may apply for funding to support research and creative projects, including stipend, travel, and materials. Students who are awarded full research stipends ($3,500) cannot enroll in more than one summer class. While students may apply for funding for different projects, students may not accept funding for 2 different projects (that is, for example, students may not be part of the ENGAGE program and receive SOURCE funding for a separate project). If you are accepted into more than one project program, you must choose in which project you want to participate. Faculty mentors may (and are encouraged to) supplement SOURCE funding with supplies and/or stipend support.

The SOURCE office recognizes and is grateful to the following for Summer 2013 funding:

  • Case Western Reserve University – All undergraduate students are eligible for awards.
  • Case Alumni Association (CAA) Undergraduate Research Award – All students enrolled in CSE, mathematics, or the natural sciences are eligible. Approximately 25 awards of up to $3,500 will be given.

Application Procedure
Students must identify a mentor prior to completing the SOURCE summer application. The SOURCE office is available for assistance in identifying a faculty mentor. SOURCE recommends that students attend one of the many “how to find a research position on or off campus” workshops during the fall semester.

A completed application packet consists of the following:
1) The online SOURCE summer funding application.

2) A brief proposal (approximately 3-4 pages) to include:

- Title Page - Your name, major, project title, mentor's name, and department only on this first page
- Following Pages - Goals and objectives, project description, methodology, time commitment required for the project, connection with your educational and career goals, and budget summary
- If your project inolves human subjects, you must include a section in your proposal about where you are in the IRB approval process.

3) Resume

4) Academic Transcript (unofficial printed from SIS is acceptable)

- Please email the transcript as a separate attachment from your proposal and resume.

5) The 2014 Faculty Sponsor Form.

- Please fill out this form, save it to your computer and email it to source@case.edu. Thank you!

Submission Procedure
- Application Components 2 - 4 may be emailed to source@case.edu (.doc, .docx, or .pdf only)
- Please email the proposal with resume and transcript as 2 attachments (Proposal & Resume = 1st Attachment; Transcript = 2nd Attachment).
- Please note "SOURCE SUMMER FUNDING APPLICATION" on the subject line
- Applicants also may bring the above information to the SOURCE Office, Sears 451
- Your Project Mentor may email the Faculty Support Form to source@case.edu or bring the form to the Source Office, Sears Library 451

The deadline for submitting a completed Application Packet, which includes application form, proposal, transcript, resume, and faculty support form, is February 15, 2014 for STEM project proposals. For all Arts, Humanities, and Social Science project proposals, the deadline has been extended to March 2, 2014.

Selection Criteria
Applications will be reviewed to confirm that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria. The selection committee will evaluate application files and identify recipients based on the strength and educational value of the proposal, the do-ability of the project, and the overall support of the faculty sponsor.

Funding Announcement
SOURCE will inform students about funding status during the first full week of April.