Kevin Chiou with Hatsuo Ishida [Macromolecular Science and Engineering] - 246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, September 8 – 12, in Indianapolis, Indiana for a paper/oral presentation
-Multi-step Catalysis of Benzoxazine Ring-opening Assisted by 2-Methylresorcinol and Subsequent Benzoxazine Polymerization by Hydroxyl Groups

Kevin Chiou and Amy Van with Hatsuo Ishida [Macromolecular Science and Engineering] – Polymer, Volume 55, Issue 6, 24 March 2014, Pages 1443–1451
- Use of renewable resource vanillin for the preparation of benzoxazine resin and reactive monomeric surfactant containing oxazine ring

Kevin Chiou and Erin Hollanger with Hatsuo Ishida [Macromolecular Science and Engineering] – Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Volume 214, Issue 14, pages 1629–1635, July 25, 2013
- Highly Improved Thermal Properties of Hydroxyl-Containing Polymers via Modification by Benzoxazine Groups

Kevin Chiou with Hatsuo Ishida [Macromolecular Science and Engineering] – Current Organic Chemistry, Volume 17, Number 9, May 2013 , pp. 913-925(13)
- Incorporation of Natural Renewable Components and Waste Byproducts to Benzoxazine Based High Performance Materials

Matthew Boes with Michael Benard [Biology] - Copeia, December 2013, No. 4, 717 - 722
Carry-Over Effects in Nature: Effects of Canopy Cover and Individual Pond on Size, Shape, and Locomotor Performance of Metamorphosing Wood Frogs


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