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Stanton L. Gerson

In 1983, professor Nathan Berger hired Stanton Gerson, fresh out of his fellowship at University of Pennsylvania, to join the School of Medicine's Division of Hematology Oncology. The next year, when Gerson’s interest turned to gene therapy, he formed a research partnership with professor Richard Hanson. Berger and Hanson went on to become Distinguished University Professors, and Gerson joined their ranks when he is awarded the permanent, honorific title.

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Maxwell J. Mehlman

When Maxwell J. Mehlman joined the law school in 1984, the last science class he’d taken was a high school biology courseā€”a fact that stands true today, even as Mehlman is one of the most renowned experts on health law and bioethics. His accomplishments in the field, as well as his commitment to CWRU, are so extensive that he was bestowed another title: Distinguished University Professor.

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Robert F. Savinell

Robert F. Savinell, the George S. Dively Professor of Engineering and a professor of chemical engineering, is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of electrochemistry and a cornerstone for the Case Western Reserve community. His achievements have earned him the university’s top honor for its faculty, Distinguished University Professor.

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