nomination process

Each school or college may submit one new or updated nomination per year. Schools with more than 100 tenured and tenure-track faculty members may submit an additional nomination for each additional 100 tenured and tenure-track faculty members.

Approximately two or three appointments will be made per year.

Nomination dossiers should include a curriculum vitae and a letter from the relevant dean describing the candidate's record of achievement, its impact and the reasons this recognition is deserved. This letter should also include any honors or awards the candidate has received. Please view the 2014 Call for Nominations document here.

Additional letters of support should not be provided in the nomination dossier.

Deans should send eight copies of each nominee's packet, by March 10, 2014, to:

Distinguished University Professor Program
Attention: Susan Karaba
Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President
Adelbert Hall, Room 216
Location Code: 7001


Case Western Reserve University

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The designation of Distinguished University Professor represents the highest honor the university bestows on a member of its professoriate.

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